Throwback: Final Fitting

After our first fitting, we were scheduled for our final fitting on 20 October 2014, 6pm. I nego-ed with R.W Manager to let us come by at after office hours and she approved (my leave only started on Deepavali cos I had only that much left of a leave and furthermore I thought 3 days of leave before the big day was sufficient)

Anyway, back to the final fitting story. KN (K.ak N.ora) was waiting for us (me, Yan, Mama, Aunt, Ayah and Uncle. ramai betul eh LOL!) when we arrived and we straightaway got down to business. “finally eh Shahirah, after 3 years, the day is nearing very2 soon” I got soo nervous when she said that. Yes, I waited for 3 years just to be her canvas. I engaged her to do my makeup back in 2011 for my engagement and love it soo much that I booked her to do my face for my big day.


Sidenote: to think that I had wanted the owner as my MUA seh dulu. Looking back at the recent uploads on their FB page, i am so glad that i engaged KN and stuck with her even though in between something happened that might just make or break the wedding but Alhamdulillah, everything went well.

We discussed itinerary first. Since ours is a full day 10am to 5pm event, KN explained that she would have to be at my house and start to colour my face at 730am. Mak oii!


small sample of our itinerary, not very detailed (or nice or colourful) as you can see and I did not bother to prettify it.

KN then said to try out the outfits that we chose. Me, armed with a nude bodyshaper and underwear underneath my tee and jeans, went straight into their “fitting room” while Yan had to try his in the toilet :P :P

Tip #1: Come prepared with your bodyshapers/corsets/underwear underneath your normal clothes so that you will not waste any time. Also remember to bring your heels/shoes along plus any other accessories.

Nikah Outfits

Me: fitted nicely but singkat. Put on heels, even more singkat. Macam nak nangis ok. (“tu lah tinggi sgt buat ape. da tinggi abeh nak pakai kasut tinggi lagi” fuhhh my mama’s words suddenly rang into my ears la hahahah!)
Yan: Baju ok but seluar abit too tight and felt uncomfy while seated.

Tip #2: Move around ie walk, sit but dun run la cos who runs on their wedding day rite? to see if the outfits fit you nicely and most importantly, you feel comfortable.

Verdict for Nikah outfit: No go, too singkat for me and too tight for him.

I will touch on the nikah outfit again later and now lets move on to our sanding outfits.

Sanding Outfits

Me: Juuust nice and a bit tight around the chest and waist area. Length wise more than ok teehee! i tried to nego with them to unpick the baju but they said this baju is nice when fitting. adoiii tak bernafas aku la.
Yan: a bit baggy. So they put in summore needles and informed us that they will alter it again.

Last/Dinner/Modern Outfit

Me and Yan: no problems at all, fitted us just nicely. No need for more alterations :D

Ok back to the nikah outfit. While he was “modelling” the last outfit (member da start berangan-angan tuu), Mama, aunt and I hunted for an alternative Nikah outfit and then I saw IT. It was a long white jubah with many2 details around the chest area ala2 V.ersari’s bajus and I told KN I want to try it on. She then got the manager to assist in the unpicking of the jahitan because apparently the bride who wore the jubah before was petite. A far cry from me seh.

So the unpicking took quite awhile and 30mins later I was able to try it on and as the kain flowed down the length of my body, I knew I had picked out the right outfit. It was so comfortable and cooling because of the material and I said yes to the dress! no questions, no songeh. I LOVED IT!

Since Yan had problems with his nikah outfit too, KN pulled a whitish baju that would compliment my jubah and be all matchy-matchy wimme. Guess what, the outfit suited him perfectly. I have never seen him in white before and he blew me away. You noe, mcm ada halo atas kepala dia hahahah! so drama for wat. The colour made him so…radiant. So our nikah outfit were settled right there and then.

Yan made arrangements for a 2nd final fitting (LOL! boleh gitu eh!) with KN since he still had some adjustments made to his chosen bajus, and that was between them only cos mine da settled ma, just need to tighten the jubah abit, nothing major.

After all the fun, we made our last and final deposit and before we make our way home, KN wished us all the best and advised us to get ample sleep and rest.

Eeeee! shit just got real-er dude!

and sorry for the picture-less post except for that 1 lonely picture up there.

What Wedding Fund?


Pay day is coming and eh! i dun have to save a bulk of it for a wedding. Such a rejoicing feeling seh. BUT! i still gotta save la of cos, whats if the household billsss and all.

How To Wake Your Gadget-Head Husband Up 101

Not that i experimented or what la but it really happened, twice summore seh.

Me: *nudges him softly* B, your hp jatuh on the floor



Do note that his hp was really on the floor both times. The impact was so loud that it woke me up.

And guess what la, this morning his hp fell again -___- and surprisingly, no scratches at all!

Throwback: Card Commotion

What is wedding planning without any dramas right? Ours came in a form of our wedding invitations only (I think?). Not between us and our vendor, thank god. But between my mama and me/the card.

Since we were planning for a combined event, we wanted to incorporate 2 families into 1 card. Easier what right? All information on 1 card. So i emailed my invitations vendor who is none other than Dyan from Card Maison the details and she got back to me with the first draft which after i have checked, i forwarded the image to my mama via whatsapp.

Now…drama time…

Mama: kenapa yan’s parents nama first? it should be kita what since the majlis is at our place?
Me: -___- I thought nama lelaki dulu?
Mama: Mane boleh! kan we are hosting the majlis so ayah and mama names should be first!

If that wasnt dramatic enough for you, i dunno what is. LOL.

so I emailed D to switch the details around and when she got back to me with the next draft, I sent to mama for her review.

Mama: I think kan, we should make separate cards so kita ada sendiri punya cards, yan parents ada theirs.
Me: -___- Bukan nak bilang siang2. mama ni!
Mama: this one mama think only.
Me: i also think good idea la wait his side noe u and ayah numbers also not nice ma.

Note that I did not forward any images to my ayah yet. Lemme handle one drama-mama at a time pls HAHAHA. So i did the needful and forwarded the next draft to mama.

Mama: aah kan like this baru betul!
Me: abeh tadi bedek? ape je mama.
Mama: da show ayah?
Me: show you first ma, after that will show him.

When i showed my ayah, he just told me to update some of the wordings, to add in the Islamic date and to enlarge the map. Easy peasy lemon squeezy from him. Nasib nasib LOL!

So after I sent an email to D to confirm our cards design and to send them for printing, my mama dropped another bomb on me la.

Mama: Where’s your cards? Da send for printing? Tak show bibik (my aunt, her younger sister) to hear her comments on the wordings?
Me: sent for printing already so cannot change any details.
Mama: apasal tak update mama? benda2 gini smua diamkan aje, tanak discuss dgn mama *continues grumbling*
Me: da confirm nak change ape lagi seh. da confirm means da confirm la.
Mama: we tak add the “Turut mengundang…” line kan?
Me: nope, no space already.
Mama: *walked away grumbling summore*

you all tell me la, just how many eyes do we need to QC the cards walaoeh! Parents looked through and confirmed not enough meh? Must drag in another pair of eyes? It will lead to more confusion and disagreement which might lead to delay in printing what rite?

I do not want to imagine if there is a delay cos all the blame will be on me hergh!

Speaking of printing,

Backstory abit: I remembered asking her nak distribute the cards during the Hari Raya period and she said no cos the celebration was 2 months earlier and she was afraid people might forget so ok la, i waited for the next printing session. I no hal la actually asalkan the invitees got the cards in time.

after Hari Raya, she asked me:

Mama: Dik, where’s the cards? da bulan berapa ni!
Me: tgh printing la mama. bila Hari Raya cakap too early abeh now rushing2.

after all the drama (i know got summore but i lupa already) on the cards alone, this was our invitation cards finally :)

Wedding Card (Front)

The front

Wedding Card (Back)

The back.

These were just samples for my side. For Yan’s side, our names were inverted and parents’ names and details changed, the colours and designs remained the same.

A Little “Thank You” Note

Nearly 3 weeks into being married to my FB friend (HAHAHA) and how is married life? Same aje, just that you wake up to someone beside you lo. Sorry about being unemotional as a woman but that’s just how it is to me.

We have moved in into our unit, only that not officially yet cos I am still in the midst of shifting my stuff over. I thought ive already cleaned up my room at my parents’ place but my brother who took over my room said that i still have some stuff leftover so pelan pelan kayuh la ok.

Before I go into “review my vendors” mode, ok scratch that. I dont think I will do any review cos I suck at that. Maybe I will just do “Throwback” posts about my vendors and how was the whole wedding process with them la.

Where was I?

Oh, before i go into the “Throwback” posts, I will do a Thank You post to those who were involved in our wedding. So here it goes;

I would like to thank:

-My parents for their undying love and support for me and for accepting Yan as their only son-in-law;
-My floor managers, my 3 brothers for their endless help and manpower (geddit? Man-power? LOLZ) throughout the whole event, running here and there ensuring everything goes on smoothly;
-My aunts, uncles and cousins from both maternal and paternal sides for their helping hands from start to end of event;
-and my second, third, fourth and so on (my family tree doesnt seem to end la HAHAHAHA) relatives for their helping hands too.

And not forgetting, to all my vendors:

Catering – Doulath Catering Services
Decor, Bunga Rampai, Sirih Dara and Hand Bouquet – Kasai Sayang
Andaman, Henna and Hand Bouquet – Ratu Weddings
Photography – Bliss PhotoCinema
Videography – Nazz Elmi
Photobooth/Guestbook – Wishing Wand
DJ/Entertainment – Xcluesif Productions
Dessert – Choo Choo Churros
Gubahan for Hantaran – BONITO by Bob
Sirih Junjung and Bunga Pahar – Gubahan Klasique
Kompang – AKRAB Kompang Services
Invitation Cards – The Card Maison
Wedding Cake – Cake Love Couture
Wedding Favours – Telur Asin from Swee Leong Eggs Distributors
Decorative Boxes – Berkat Inc.

Yan and I would like to thank everyone who were hugely involved from the start and making our wedding beautiful and memorable. Thank you too to all who attended and shared this special day with us. It was a huge success albeit the minor hiccup in the afternoon heh!


Introducing …


 … Mrs Ardian Wilasti.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Wedding, honeymoon, adapting ourselves to living on our own, all that took up a lot of my/our time and energy.

I will be back. Soon, I promise. So please bear with me :)



Spa 1st Timer

had my first ever spa treatment on Sunday at A.ura R.oyalis located at Toa Payoh so it was something new and an eye opener for me. First up was body scrub or lulur. I was asked to strip and wear disposable underwear, they should really have different sizes for different-sized women sia cos I swear I heard a rrrip when I tried to force my Azalea Ass into it HAHAHAHA! but nasib tak koyak terus, and lie down on the treatment table. I was facing the ceiling but the makcik told me to face down cos she wanted to start with my back area first. I felt so paiseh sia cos I was nearly naked in front of an unknown lady and scared I might fall off the table while maneuvering. What a sight it will be eh hahahah!

So faced down, the makcik started on the back of my heels first. She scrubbed3 and massaged with all her might I was cringing the whole time. When comes to my toes pulak, I was ticklish and luckily for her I did not kick her in the face LOLZ. She worked her way up and inched down my undies and my eyes went O.O in the head hole SO EMBARRASSING DUDE! She continued scrubbing and then inched up some more and worked on my back and neck. aaahhh blisss~ Years of working and planning made my back an untangled mess of knots. I heard krak kruk krak kruk while she was at it. The neck part was the shiokess I somehow wished it was longer.

Then it was time for me to flip over. I told her i very malu and she replied “apa yang nak malu, sini semua perempuan” hahahaha!


She must have seen different shapes and sizes la like that :P Like my back, she started with my toes and worked upwards. When she started scrubbing my booby area, I was paiseh beyond words la but she worked professionally. After she was done, I looked at my body and saw flower petals all over. She explained that she mixed the lulur cream mixture with some rose petals.

After the body scrub, I was told to rinse off in a cool shower. Cool as in cool awesome not cool sejuk. Tak pernah nampak such showers before, dose with jets kind. I just rinsed off normally, dried myself and put on a new pair of disposable undies. Yeap, rrrip again. Makcik instructed with to sit in a steam bag. At first it was too hot for me but she said the setting was permanently like that and cannot be adjusted but she put another towel near the steam nozzle so that the heat permeates evenly, not directly at my left side. It was really hot I asked her how long must I be in that torture bag, she said 20 mins WTF not funny sia. But she was nice enough to decrease to 15mins and layan-ed me while I was in that bag, distraction she said but it was bearable after a few mins.

Time was up and I was very relieved. Makcik then told me to mandi air bunga which she had prepared for me in a huge bathtub. I put on leg in and it was muthafcking hot sial! Dengan pantas I took my leg out and she started to fill the tub with cold water and it was still hot -___- I gritted my teeth and #gojer. It was fcking hot still and I just tahan cos she said the water will decrease very fast and meant my tub session would be over. I thought ok lo, cos tub drainage system quite strong and water will flow down very fast but I was wrong la. After what is seemed like edges, the water hadnt flow down as much as I thought it would be. I was told in makcik’s words to “kau gosok bunga2 tu kat celah2 kelengkang and bawah tetek kau” HAHAHAHAHA!

After about 20mins of gosok2, I heard a knock on the door and makcik told me to shower off. I showered and struggled into the undies yet again (hopefully for the last time) and went back to lie face down on the treatment table. She then proceeded with the last round which is their signature urut. She warmed some lavender oil in the palm of her hands and instructed me to breathe in deeply for 5 times. As i was facing down through the head hole, I did not know what she was doing until i heard the table creaked and my left side area dipped a bit. It was then I realised she was climbing on top of me leh what.the.f! It was uncomfy at first la, ape tidak, got somebody riding your back! -__-!

Thereafter, the massage was bearable la. She further urut-ed out all the knots and tangles in my muscles, shoulders, neck and head and tup3, time was up. My reaction was “eh? dabis?” dizzily LOL! steam ma kena massage :P I was told to freshen up and another makcik would serve me. I drank the tea provided which i think was red date tea, nasib not ginger tea phuik! Paid and said my goodbyes.


I took up this package in case you ladies are wondering.


So after the session niat di hati nak jalan2 skejap but somehow my body was damn lethargic and I kept yawning. Was it the massage? I went to get some stuff at Tampines Mall and went home after. I dozed off and woke up at 9pm -___- my fiance asked, “you pegi spa ke gym?”


No Longer A Barefoot Bride!

I can haz pretty pretty heels to wear on my wedding day y’allz!

If you ladies remember my mission to hunt for wedding heels which was an EPIC failure and the day I finally bought a pair of heels, i was one very frustrated BTB when it comes to this. Ape tidak, wherever I go mesti no size that I resorted to buying a cheapo pair at Payless. BUT! my cousin was very nice to volunteer to make it look less cheapo (may Allah bless her always) and you all want see my pretty heels or not?!



c’mon honestly, does it look like a pair of $15 heels? no right no right? I also can have pretty heels to wear on my wedding day lor! :P


This came later than I thought cos BTB very busy nowadays and currently uninspired but congratulations to my friends, Fariz and Nora on their union on the 20th of September! Sampai da pegi da balik honeymoon pun dorang hahahahah! but better late than never ma right?

I was invited to both sides uh! Abeh action eh? :P Actually Fariz invited me cos I’m somewhat “related” to him, my brother is his colleague then Nora pun nak invite so I ikhlas lo, in other words, more makan for me! (DIET? WHAT DIET?)

Some pictures from their really beautiful wedding.


at Nora’s dinner reception.


with my fiance and my brother (he was one of the bestman)


1) the FOOOOOOD! happy goober seh me ;9
2) the doorgifts/favours
3) the table setting and centerpiece
4) the ceiling decor

If you are wondering where the dinner reception for Fariz’s side was held, it was held at Joyden Hall at Bugis+. Air-conditioned, spacious, high ceiling but of cos comes which an equally big price tag la kan.


And hello PengantinPelik and Hubby! :P

Here’s wishing Fariz and Nora all the happiness towards your journey to Jannah. Congratulations to you both and may you carry the joy of this happy day close to your heart as you walk the road of life together.


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