Throwback-07.09.14 Engagement & Card Collection

Not my engagement la, mine da basi, da 3 yrs pun.

It was one of my ITEmate’s semi big day and I was delighted to be invited cos we haven meet up for so long! since 2009 to be exact -__-!


Congrats Fae Boi! <3 and I looked like a giant beside her T.T

Her real name is Faezah but she earned her nickname Boi cos her hair was always short (up till now! haha!)


and this is me and my boi! LOL!

On the same day, we collected our invitation cards from Dyan. technically, she and hubby sent the cards to us. Our meeting point, at a busstop hahahahah! (where the above picture was taken) we were supposed to meet Dyan at her home but she had gone out with her hubby and clever her brought our cards along. She asked me where were we and met us there. Dlm hati, teehee! yay2! takya go BP :P Thanks Dyan for delivering the cards to us, saved us the trip thank you so much la! :D



Throwback-06.09.14 Hunting for Barang Hantaran

… But at last never buy anything -__- Actually we dont see the need to buy anything at this moment la. Just the important stuff like wedding bands, sejadahs, telekung all da settled. Now trying to find misc things to “tambahkan” dulang hahahah! kesian seh kita dua dunno what to gift each other.

Actually tot nak buy watches but fickle. then we tot of sneakers, also fickle. ok la, not fickle, no size for me T.T @#$%^&!!


niat di hati nak buy matching New Bs, as in matching brands la not colours. but to no avail. either one of us no size for those we liked. GIVE UP SAK!

we then drowned our sorrows into dinner at Sakura over at Far East (da berzaman seh tak step into the place lol lol!) and munchies at Krispy Kreme. HAHA depressed nampak! :P



yes, he malas nak layan me.

Throwback-06.09.14 Arab Street Adventure

The initial plan was me dragging my cousin with me to Arab Street to get those blingy pieces to decorate my heels with. Told mama about the plan and she told her sister (my aunt) who then told my cousin’s mum (my aunt) and all of them decided to tag along -___- what meant to be an easy breezy lemon squeezy cousins day out turned out to be a huru hara day for us.

The meeting place and time was supposed to be 10am at Tampines MRT Guardian. 0930am, received a WA msg from cousin telling me she was only on the way to her in-law house to drop one of her daughter. Ok. Nak lock pintu rumah, my aunt together with my cousin’s other daughter came to our doorstep. I greeted her with an “Eh! Kata nak meet at interchange?” Mama was already at the busstop waiting for me (my hair refused to fluff that day thats why lambat sikiiit!) At the busstop, my uncle’s car honked at us. Turned out, it was my boy cousin with my aunt inside telling us to get in the car so that he can drop us at interchange. my this aunt doesnt like to take public but we were forcing her that day LOL! mission one failed because her son sent us ma. Then my cousin’s mum called her and guess wat la, she was still at home struggling with her daughter adoiii! So my boy cousin had to make a u-turn to pick them up and send them over to her in-laws. We live in the same neighbourhood FYI.

After the huru hara start, we finally reached Tampines Mrt. Planned nak meet 10am konon, at last 11am. janji melayu abisss. We took the train all the way to Bugis with my aunt who was complaining about everything public. People who dun shower la, who dun shave their pits la so on and so forth hahahaha! the rest of us da biasa ma, she was the only “pampered” one among us. First stop when we reached Arab Street was the bling shop that my cousin know of. I didnt get the name la. The store asst was a sexy muthafcker, breasts in our faces kind of woman sampai my mum commented that “tak malu ke dia pakai gitu abeh colleagues smua men” LOL! to each its own la mama. Halfway thru the browsing, we got bored and tired already cos we haven had breakfast so we told the akak we will be back.

Had mee rebus at Kampung Glam Cafe which i recommended and met with rave reviews. heh! trust my tummy ppl! after our meal, while waiting for our food to digest, we walked around browsing here and there and my aunt yg shopped. sape yg BTB ni skrg! she did not just shopped, she shopped like crazy. since she just berhijrah, she was stalking her shawls collection seh. We went back to the bling shop and quickly settled my choices. Honestly i was bored already la. Asalkan my cousin knows what shes gonna do to my heels, im ok #gojer malas la nak fikiran lagi.

Mama then called my brother to fetch us at Golden Landmark and while waiting, I got myself a telekung set for my dulang hantaran (one down, many more to go. i very slack la hurhurr) By then, all of us da penat already so we just chilled at the fountain area. My (pampered) aunt was the most tired la but upon hearing my brother was fetching, terus energy became full balik hahahahah! ada kereta je terus kuat nak merayap balik.

Dropped by Joo Chiat Complex cos mama told them about one baju shop and they all wanted to go -___- i was pressed for time cos i had a date planned with Yan already and kept looking at my watch. After they were all happy with their purchasesss (i ask again ah, who is the BTB now? LOL!), i told my brother to drop me off at Eunos Mrt and they all went home after that.

No pictures of our adventure but i snapped some selfies with my niece :)

2014-09-06 13.52.29

sorry for the long-winded post y’all!

Throwback-29.08.14 Kenny goes to ROMM

Why Kenny? HAHAHA, you will know soon…

No special reason why I chose this date but I know I want to go on a Friday cos long weekend ma, the next day no work.

Anyway, we were up and early and by the time we reached ROMM, there were other people who were earlier LOL! And what luck that I had to bump into an ex at of all places, there.

We quickly took a queue number and waited patiently. Our number was called up soon and I thought I had everything ready, our ICs and kursus certs but I did not take ayah’s IC with me. HAHA kantoi seh. Think mama nearly had a heart attacking seeing me exiting the registration room. I told her lupa ayah nye IC aje la hahaha!

After registration, we went back to the waiting room and wait for our turn again, this time, interview with the kadi.

Our number beeped and ayah made his way into the room. After less than 10mins, he came out and told us both to go into the room. I asked ayah sure meh both together, he said yes. Bagus juga eh, to quickly get it over and done with. We knocked and beri salam and for the love of God, I totally forgot the kadi’s name. He was a serious man though but no scary questions or tasks la. He just asked whether I am forced to marriage bla bla bla. All the mandatory questions basically.

He then instructed us to angkat sumpah with Yan going first and after that me and after all that we were done! Phew! Short and sweet, thank goodness.


Look like Kenny from Southpark right? LOL! Dont mind the muka baru bangun tido, it was still early k. And I donned a shawl because mama asked me to -___-


no pictures of us at the mini dais or the entrance but I stopped Ayah at the junction just so I could snap this. We then headed to LG at Alexandra to redeem our free microwave ovens.


After that, we had early lunches of Thaksin Beef Noodles and Nasi Ayam Sambal at Harbourfront ;9 We headed back to our home to put the ovens and my parents and I went home after and Yan did his Friday prayers. He met me back at my parent’s home and I had already changed into more casual clothing, we were going shopping for our dulang items!

First stop was Tanjong Katong Complex to order his songkok and buy a pair of capal for his nikah outfit. We decided on a black songkok as he can use it after wedding day, for Hari Raya etc etc. Yan tried on one songkok and I cant help it but laugh hahahah! Tak pernah2 member pakai songkok and bcos he is marrying me, he has to get and wear one :P yep, he doesn’t usually wear it on Hari Raya. Next Raya onwards, he has to wear LOL LOL! kepala besar la he, a bit funny but what to do. Must get him to wear. Pakcik took down Yan’s head measurements and will customise a songkok according to his size. Pakcik then left us cos he had some errands to do, he trusted us with his shop or he knew that we wont run away with his loot hahahaha! During that time, Yan tried on some capals and after many capals later, he finally settled for one pair. And you people think girls are the leceh species, guys too ok!

We also purchased 2 sejadahs, a green for me (OBVIOUSLY :P) and a blue one for him. Yan told me to get a telekung sekali but I told him I will go with mama la to settle that. We paid and left TKC happy campers. We then headed to Bugis to try ourmy luck with the heels. hahaha! I know I know but I really wanted to find a nice(r) pair. Not that Im unhappy with the payless one but that pair konon is the “Will-have-to-wear-during-wedding-day-if-die-die-cannot-find-nice-heels” So ya, I dunno why I still bothered cos there were really no size for those I asked for that day.

We ended the day by having LJS for early dinner and headed home after, very letih.

Throwback-27.08.14 Finally Bought

… My wedding heels la.

It has turned into a frustrating chore for me because almost every store I knew and went that sells pretty heels do not carry my size. I was on the verge of chopping my toes off lo, at least can fit into at least a 7 or an 8. Tsk.

My last resort was Payless since they carry “special” sizes and I can help myself rather than embarrassing myself by asking the salespersons.

While browsing quickly, I chanced upon a light gold open-toe pumps with glittery heels and they were in the special size range, tried them on and fitted nicely. I did not buy straightaway cos I thought I could find a nicer alternative so I left the place empty handed.

The next day however, I decided to just grab that pair since I did not want to waste anymore time but do know what? The gold pair da takda, nada, zilch. Mak oii! Baru 1 day seh. Just how many special sized girls are there seh. Frustration built up in me yet again. Then I saw a silvery pair, similar to the gold one and I just grabbed and paid for them. In my mind, I was thinking maybe can customise with some gold bits or what la kan. I was already tired and just want to strike this heels business from my list already.

So ya, heels (kinda) settled.

Throwback-18.08.14 2nd Meeting With Caterer

Fuhh cerita lama ni dok. Hopefully I can remember correctly.

Bulan puasa, I texted Cik S to schedule an appointment with her during one of the days cos i ASSumed that she will not be busy la since tengah puasa ma. But alas, she informed me no meetups to be scheduled in that month and the earliest available date is 18 August, which fell on a Monday, and Hari Raya celebrations were still ongoing. Since we dont usually do visitings on a weekday, I booked her for that day.

Come 18 August, kesian makcik, boleh lost hahahaha! member drove dunno how many rounds abeh park sejauh-jauh tidak. Padahal at my block ada carpark seh :P Anyhoos, we got down to business straightaway, she very on the ball one la. We settled our menu quickly, chose the dishes (AYAM MASAK MERAH TEE HEE!), kuih-muih, drinks and fruits. Our menu macam extensive seh, I am so lucky that Cik S quoted us the price from 3 years ago. heh! Returning client ma :P

While in the middle of discussion, we told her that we attended my mum’s colleague’s son’s wedding the day before and the caterer was her company but we did not get to eat la (SAD SIA!) as the MPH was heavily conjested to which she suddenly got to story telling mode and went all motor mouth on my mum’s colleague’s majlis. I will not go into details cos both parties were blaming each other. At that moment, my parents, my fiance, my brother and my face went


She was talking too fast about this and that bla bla bla and that got my parents worried and me n fiance too, as well as brother. Well who wouldnt be right, here we were listening to the caterer’s horror story and god knows what my mum heard at her workplace.

In other words, we will just tawakkal and In Shaa Allah everything runs smoothly.

We then went downstairs so that we can show Cik S our venue and also share with her our ideas and plans. She made minor changes and we did not mind cos she is more experienced in this line. What we have in mind might not work so we have to give and take lo.

It was time for Cik S to leave as it was already past 10am. Before she go, I told her to give me second so that I can run upstairs and grab my money to pay her the deposit. Just imagine I have not deposit anything with her! She said “tak payah la, you can just transfer me” I said I already withdrew the money and will feel more secure after paying her the deposit. LOL! This is to secure ma, I don’t want to think negatively la but I cannot help it lo. Paid her and we bade farewell.

Till next time, Cik S.