Wedding of Ardian & Shahirah – The Sanding

Updating while waiting for my husband to get ready cos I’m dragging him out to date …

Right after The Nikah, we went separate ways to get ready for The Sanding since we had planned to continue having the hadangs or wedding ERPs (or my parents insisted senang cakap) and also we have already booked kompang even though it was to be a one day event. While Yan changed at our new home, Kak Nora and I went upstairs to have a war with the sanding outfit.

War because I knew it would be tight and I was right. Kak Nora was like “ok breathe in…!” hahahaha! my body shaper not working I guess :P

She changed my hairstyle too to compliment the outfit. I decided not to wear the sanggul lintang even though I would love to but somehow I felt my face would not suit it and Ive heard stories that some sanggul lintang are like weights on your head. My gf experienced a splitting headache wearing one during her wedding so kesian!

I digressed.

I chose not to wear too many accessories on my head and neck since the baju had so many/much(?) details and I did not want to overdo it. So Kak Nora just decorated my hair with some flowers and cucuk sangguls.

Ardian + Shahirah129

 Posed shot with Kak Nora. Mcm giant aku! HAH! and some typical posey shots of me :P

Ardian + Shahirah131

the action pakai earring shot

Ardian + Shahirah130

pakai kasut shot.
I admit, mcm jantan the pose but I could not help it since the baju was so tight around the waist and I could not do the typical demure pakai kasut shot.

Ardian + Shahirah128

 and the look up to the camera shot.

Ardian + Shahirah144

all alone on the dais.

It wasn’t long before I heard the familiar sounds of the kompangs and it was time to meet my husband! TEEHEE!

Ardian + Shahirah147

Avengers Assemble! #ohtakeh LOL!

Ardian + Shahirah150

muka boring bila nampak my cousins at the first gantry hahahaha! good good very good!

Ardian + Shahirah149

my cousins!
they are younger in age compared to Yan’s cousins. I initially did not want any gantries cos I know how Yan’s cousins are and I dun wish for my cousins to be “bullied” but in the end, his side yang kene bully! :P My cousins stopped them and asked them to do the Limbo Rock 3 times before they could enter. As usually, there were good-natured banterings and my emcee AB Shaik stepped in to help out. He even Limbo-ed to show them how it’s done hahaha!


 but in the end, 3 of them were good sports :)


 after the first gantry, Yan and his entourage proceeded into the voiddeck and was greeted by another gantry. This time, my makcik2.

Extras (S & A)088

I heard this was unplanned and some more joined in after this shot.

Ardian + Shahirah155 Ardian + Shahirah156

 Yan’s lead bestman felt like giving up hahaha cos all the makciks just went “tak cukup tak cukup!  mane ade cukup!” adoiii~ makciks, why u so liddat one. But in the end, one of my aunts allowed them to proceed THANK GOD! I remembered whispering to Kak Nora “asal macam lama eh?” LOL! TAK SABAR NAMPAK NAK JUMPE LAKI! :P

If 2 gantries weren’t enuf, they were met by my last gantry, my brothers.

Ardian + Shahirah157

they were supposed to be “tough-looking” but my 2nd brother is a giggly person by nature la. Oh ya, I did not employ any bridesmaids if you may have realised by now. The night before, I was asked to prepare 3 questions by my 1st brother so they can “test” Yan on how well he knows me.

  1. My favourite food which is Ayam Masak Merah (surprise tak korang? HAHA)
  2. My favourite colour which is Green
  3. My shoe size (LOL LOL!) which is err … 11

aiya simple2 aje cos I dun wish for the gantries to be very long and draggy ma.

Tiga Abdul vs Enam Jahanam

Ardian + Shahirah158

Ardian + Shahirah164

Ardian + Shahirah160

Ketawa evil npk! Ni part my brothers kene balik hahahah mean seh!

Extras (S & A)092 Ardian + Shahirah163 Ardian + Shahirah161


Ardian + Shahirah165

it was such a spectator sport as you can see and it was the longest wait of my life LOL!

Ardian + Shahirah162

but I kene maintain … and finallyyy

Ardian + Shahirah166

Assalamualaikum sayang (LOL! cheesy or wat!)

Ardian + Shahirah172

Ardian + Shahirah171in the middle of the kompang performances by the AKRAB boys. Then it was time for the salam2 session with our parents.

Ardian + Shahirah176 Ardian + Shahirah177

and NO, I did not shed a tear. I dunno why, maybe my emotions tgh tonggang terbalik ah.

Ardian + Shahirah178 Ardian + Shahirah179

aww mama happy to finally receive a son-in-law.

Ardian + Shahirah180 Ardian + Shahirah181 Ardian + Shahirah182

hahahaha! my mama hilang in the last shot. Kena blocked by Yan’s tanjak! :mrgreen:

Then it was his parents’  turn.

Ardian + Shahirah183 Ardian + Shahirah184

emo moment

Ardian + Shahirah185 Ardian + Shahirah186

as usual, no emotions :|

Ardian + Shahirah187 Ardian + Shahirah188 Ardian + Shahirah189

with his family!

Ardian + Shahirah193 Ardian + Shahirah199 Ardian + Shahirah202

couply shots of us.

Just a small fact, our height difference is not much only that I am blessed with a short torso and that’s why I look shorter seated. Looks like I was slouching eh but I wasnt at all. Just that I have a short upper body and long legs.

Ardian + Shahirah215 Ardian + Shahirah216

and time to makan! As much as I was excited to try the dishes laid out in front of us, I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. Maybe the jitters took over or I was giving up on the baju already.

Ardian + Shahirah219 Ardian + Shahirah220

cheesy suap-menyuap shots :P

Ardian + Shahirah222

ni part Yan malas nak layan but he had to hahahaha!

and last one with Wishing Wand’s backdrop before we changed into our last outfit.

Ardian + Shahirah228

laters baby! <3

Wedding of Ardian & Shahirah – The Nikah

Woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy or maybe even worse than him cos I barely slept a wink the night before. Showered, washed up and did the necessary and guess what la guys, my monthly friend came to visit -__- OF.ALL.DAYS.DAMMIT.

Kak Nora arrived a little over 7:15am with her makeup bag and my outfits in tow and got down to business straightaway. This woman wasted no time man! While I was busy putting my face on, my phone buzzed and I received messages from my photographer and videographer telling me that they have arrived. Adoii~ more nervous seh, dah la muka baru bangun tido. hahahaha.

As I was still getting ready, they took pictures/videos of the decor and other stuff first. I let them in the room after I was appropriately dressed and they started doing their thang.

Ardian + Shahirah014 show off my heels first la which my cousin had painstakingly and lovingly customised.

Ardian + Shahirah020 Ardian + Shahirah019 My henna-ed hands. Still pale though.

Ardian + Shahirah017 Ardian + Shahirah015 Final touches by Kak Nora. And here comes …

Ardian + Shahirah030   … The Groom!

Mak aii~ Tak nervous nampak! Orang adalah nervous gila sampai mengeluh-megeluh dalam bilik. Got scolded by Kak Nora for doing that :\ Tok Kadi arrived soon after (very good! all on time! I was actually worried cos my then-fiance is allergic to punctuality) and The Nikah finally commenced.

Ardian + Shahirah031

Tok Kadi asking me whether I agree to be my then-fiance’s wife and I said yes (takkan no eh, da siap ngn makeup tebal, my house was filled to the brim with guests, setups all completed TAKKAN NO EH!)

and no, my choice kadi, Ustaz S.yakir P.asuni did not gain weight whatsoever HAHAHA that’ll be a sight. It was a last minute change by the Ustaz himself when Yan called him to confirm our solemnization the week before. Unfortunately he was out-stationed during that week and sent another Ustaz to take his place and for the life of me, I forgot the Ustaz name. Maybe I should check my marriage cert later on heh.

Ardian + Shahirah041

the very important hand shake from a father to his new son-in-law to pass on the responsibility and I can haz a husband you guys! :’)


steady la!


his brother, my father, my brother.

And contrary to popular belief, I did not cry during the solemnisation hahaha such a feelingless woman I was. I though I was going to cry because I teared when I watched other girls’ solemnisation videos wth -__-

BUT I did cry when my maternal nenek did not want to let go of my hand while I was salam-ing the elders.

Ardian + Shahirah059

my maternal nenek and paternal nenek.

She held my hand for the longest time and repeated “nenek jaga Shahirah dari kecik …” over and over again and she cried.


blurry (my cousin snapped these) but still …


I lost the battle and started tearing up. I could imagine the images but luckily no images caught on film. only this …

Ardian + Shahirah060

nasib la black and white hahahaha.

All these happened after the sarung cincin and since Nazri could not get decent shots of us doing so because of hovering devices and cameras, we decided to go to our reception venue which was just downstairs.

While our guests were enjoying their meal from our buffet spread (in other words, totally ignoring us hahahaha kesian seh), we posed for some shots.

Ardian + Shahirah068

Ardian + Shahirah070

Ardian + Shahirah073

sarung cincin shots.

Ardian + Shahirah075 Ardian + Shahirah076

a husband to wife kiss shot.

Ardian + Shahirah077

duduk straight and awkward shot LOL!

Ardian + Shahirah082

looking at each other lovingly shot.

hahahaha ok la enough of us. Here are some with our families :)

Ardian + Shahirah090 Ardian + Shahirah091

my family.

Ardian + Shahirah097 Ardian + Shahirah098

Yan’s family.

We took some more shots with our extended family of cos but just too many la heh. By then, it was time to salin baju. Time just flew by seh. But before we bid goodbye to each other (hahahaha da nikah pun kene say bye2 eh, on wedding day lagi) cos Yan would be changing at our new home (yup, we opened our new home just so it would be easier for his side to transport themselves to my place) while I just naik atas, we paid Wishing Wand a visit! Paid so much of cos must utilise la.

Ardian + Shahirah117

 till next entry, ladies!

Rewang Night (24.10.14)

While I was having my henna done in my room,


so much stuff were happening downstairs and I was quite bummed that I kena “locked up” in my own house. My parents, nenek and relatives did not allow me to join in the funrewang-ing. I can’t even look at my decor for goodness sake -___-!

Earlier in the day, boxes and boxes of salted eggs and also my favour boxes were delivered and they were parked at one side of the house like so…


(bad piggies tgk mesti happy seh pasal banyak eggs! hahahaha!)

… waiting for elves (LOL!) to help me pack them up. Speaking of which, my paternal nenek and aunts plus Yan’s cousins/aunties came over that night to do just that.



bergotong-royong ye puan2!

Meanwhile, my mama and aunt helped to dress up my parents’ bedroom which was used as my bridal room.


As you can see, I opted for a simple change of bedsheet (borrowed from my cousin who used it for her wedding back in 2009 hahahah cheapo sia me!) and furry2 red carpet (borrowed from my uncle). Nothing too extravagant or over the top, and most importantly, all free of charge :P

Another item that was very basic were our duit salaman boxes (I only thought about them the day before my wedding, how last minute of me!). I got my 2nd brother to ask for 2 paper boxes with lid and buy some wrapping papers from the stationery shop downstairs and got my elder brother to help me wrap them up and turn them into makeshift tabungs for our parents to throw the money envelopes in.


Please dont mind my wrapping paper. I told my 2nd brother to buy plain green/gold/pink/black but he bought the smiley2 one plak. My elder brother and I jokingly said that our parents’ faces mesti smiley2 macam the smileys on the wrapping paper when receiving duit salaman hahahaha.

In the evening, I was left alone in the house while my relatives were downstairs. Remember the botol2 of rempeyek in this post? I mentioned that they were our own personal touches and here’s why.





Packed by my cousins and aunts. We ordered the bags of rempeyeks from my mum’s colleague. I think we ordered ard 50 bags hahahaha ni bukan gagah, ni gelojoh.

Anyway, the reason why I was really bummed out was not because I wasnt allowed to see my decor or pack the rempeyek or susun2 the tables and chairs. It was because I can’t be downstairs and smell the lauk2 rewang and eat them! I could already smell them from upstairs when Doulath came at around 5-ish pm to set up the buffet for makan malam but not enough lo!

67265_10152807530923675_7357007114210585148_n10419565_10152807531003675_7543280281122633453_n 10425348_10152807531083675_8816007264695628229_n 10469327_10152807531133675_6642330909046766817_n

and not forgetting my mum’s famous Chee Cheong Fun.


Look at all the glorious foods that I missed!


Actually, my family weren’t that evil la for not letting me eat. They offered to bring up some food for me but somehow my stomach could not take them in. Hmmm, nervous ke?

Thank You Kak Nora & Ratu Weddings!

Hahahaha! I purposely save the best for last. My bridal la, what else :P

Sticking with Kak Nora despite all the drama in between, lagi2 nearing to my wedding day, was the BEST DECISION EVERRR and I did not regret one bit of it, even if it took 3 years of my life hahahaha! :)

I loved how she did my makeup during my engagement and I loved my wedding day makeup even more! Loved my eyebrows especially. I can haz nice eyebrows! WANT TO SEE OR NOT?



Nice right? The make up la. Dun mind my plain face. Kak Nora asked for it.


TEEHEE! :mrgreen:

Ardian + Shahirah022

1st look.

Ardian + Shahirah127

2nd look.

Extras (S & A)163

 3rd look.

Actually, all 3 looks were almost the same. Kak Nora just touched up and changed the lip colour…I think.

Ok la, enough about my face. Lets give the bajus some airtime :)

Ardian + Shahirah077Nikah Outfit.

Ardian + Shahirah214

Sanding Outfit.

Ardian + Shahirah276

 Formal Outfit.

Initially, during our outfits selection day, I mentioned that my favourite outfit for the day would be the formal outfit but I changed my mind heh~ My favourite outfit was the nikah baju! :D I felt so beautiful and ladylike in that piece and also it fitted me perfectly. And most importantly, it hid my ketak2 (LOL!)

I would love the last outfit IF i had enjoyed wearing it. Actually it wasn’t the baju la. I was really tired by the time we need to change into the last outfits and my face really showed my tiredness. Sighhh. And also, my hairdo was a bit messy and Kak Nora had no time to rearrange my hair cos da spray2 and to comb out, it will cause frizz.

It was an honour to be made up by Kak Nora and like I mentioned earlier, I have no regrets. My only concern was my hair. I really wished juruandams/makeup artists know how to work with curly hair cos not all brides-to-be have straight hair you know. I mean we have naturally curly hair, why cant they make the most out of it?

Swee~ Leong Eggs Distributors

If you girls are thinking of giving out eggs/salted eggs as wedding favours to your guests, do visit Swee Leong Eggs Distributors. They are the wholesalers of eggs. They sell eggs in bulk.

I ordered and paid $600++ for 1500 salted eggs (I have no idea where the receipt went but I know it was nothing more than $700) Good deal wasn’t it? Or you can just try Geylang Market.

I think salted eggs are easier than hard boiled as salted eggs will be delivered to you cleaned and boiled. I dunno about normal eggs though. Initially I wanted to give out hard boiled eggs but I could not find people to boil the bulk for me.

Hope this helps for you BTBs who want to give out cheap cheap good good favours! :)

Thank You Berkat Inc.!

Since I’ve decided to give out telur asins to my guests as favours, I need to find a vendor who can design and supply simple boxes. I did not want anything to complicated. A simple box with a Thank You tag is more than enough for me.

I just randomly FB-searched for Berkat … and the first result was Berkat Inc. Captain Obvious please!

I whatsapped Kak D.ayana since she left her number on her profile and explained wat kind of boxes I wanted.


From one of her FB albums. (sort of like a slot in box like dat la) Simple right?

But she suggested to take a much simpler box with a cover on top so I can just throw the eggs in since they will be folded by her team. And no need for a Thank You tag or sticker cos she will print the words right on the boxes. I ok la, the simpler the better.

I asked for a light pink and light blue for me and Yan respectively and she came up with this;


Overall, I am happy with her service. Messages were replied on a timely basis, no late2 ones unless she is outstation or on a holiday. Other than that, an easy vendor to liaise with.

Thank You Xcluesif Productions!

To AB Shaik and Muhd, thank you for entertaining my guests without being over the top. Thank you for making laugh so that I can look happy in my pictures. I wasnt a happy happy bride (will story in the next post or what ah) but you guys still managed to put a smile on my face.

But no thanks for allowing 1 makcik and 1 pakcik to karaoke even when I stressed that I do not want any forms of live singing, concert or performance. hergh! Imagine hearing out of tune voices wailing their anak tekak out while you were upstairs changing into your next baju?

I immediately texted my bro who took charge of the situation.

Ardian + Shahirah230

tgk pakcik kat background tu. Ketawa besar npk!