Welcome To Our Humble Home

Since wedding plans has taken a backseat and we are just waiting for THE day to come, I shall update you all on our house la.

After weeks of renovations, let me welcome you to our humble home :)

2014-08-01 18.56.00

Just left a bit of touch-ups here and there and rectifying to do and it will welcome us home soon, after 25th October that is. Tee hee!

Baju Kurung Drama

NOT WEDDING RELATED, just want to luahkan perasaan heh.

For this year’s festivities, my mama and I went Prada Lace on the first day. Actually I was the one who picked out the theme, she just followed … or “sembarang la…!” LOL! My mama trust my taste, or maybe she is just plain lazy. Just go with the flow la.

Initially, I had wanted a cotton eyelet kain …

EC eyelet… for my baju kurung this year after I saw a lot of it from last year. (Fun fact: I’m not one to follow trends but I sometimes follow trends from past years.) Like I mentioned that I saw a lot of eyelets last year, I thought I wanted to incorporated that into this year’s baju kurung. Actually last year’s trend that I noticed more was …


… but I sedar diri la, I know my body shape wont be able to pull off such cutting. Anyway, niat di hati mati2 nak cotton eyelet but when I entered the kedai kain shop, my eyes zeroed in on a green prada lace kain. With that, I decided I wanted prada lace. HAHAHA fickle sia. But then again, its been years that I longed to have a prada lace baju kurung. And of cos, you have to pair prada lace with an inner kain if not you will be exposing your modesty to everyone, I picked out a satin-y yellow gold kain for our inner. On that day, I was actually wearing a green and yellow shirt, so macam kena inspired la konon. LOLZ.

I really like how the yellow gold and green contrasted against each other *beams* pandai eh aku pilih. LOL, masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak. Anyway, after purchasing the kain, the makcik told us that the tailor located above their shop knows how to handle prada lace kain. So since we do not have a favourite/family tailor, we decided to try her service.


I DO NOT like how my baju turned out. So out of shape for what!

My request was so simple; long straight lace baju kurung with inner but sleeves no need inner and plain kain, dont need any special cutting whatsover or in malay terms; baju kurung panjang. I even showed her some pictures on how I want my baju to be. She explained to me that prada lace must have lining because the lobang2 is bigger than normal kain lace so to support the jahitan, it should be with inner kain. I agreed la at last cos beli mahal2 of cos I want it to turn out nice rite.

The Monday after, I felt uneasy la after our exchange and decided to head down to the tailor’s after work. On discussion day, there were other customers too so mcm abit too overwhelming even for me, like susah nak explain to the tailor la. I told her to retake my measurements as I was still apprehensive and I explained my requirements again. I went home still feeling uneasy. Tak pernah2 buat baju sampai so fikiran tak tentu arah seh LOLZ kesian seh.

On collection day, I just had to try my baju and lo and behold, I was so right, mesti ade salah. Top half was ketat -___- For all I know, baju kurung not supposed to be tight anywhere what. And the neckline when hooked, my skin beneath is not totally concealed. Like the kain doesnt meet in the center when hooked. And also, member memandai shaped the waist area so macam ade a bit of hourglass cutting. -___- seriously, baju kurung straight mane ade pleat or cutting whatsoever. And the sleeves was cut into a bell shape; tighter on upper arm and flair towards the end. Again -___- why so memandai seh!

I was beyond frustrated and pointed the mistakes to the tailor. Member lagi nak argue ngan aku “tight meh?” ccb la. I told her “baju kurung not supposed to be tight anywhere ok” Lucky for me, still got kain for her to alter and play around with and was told by the tailor to come again the week after. When I went to collect, I tried again because I no longer trust the tailor. Jahanam baju aku seh, klau kain murah takpe la. After all the drama, the baju kurung fitted me nicely albeit the waist area cannot be saved sadly (think I lost a bit of weight thats why can fit hahahah like real)

Ya, so much drama for 1 pair of baju kurung. Baru satu, nasib bukan 2 or 3.

Save You

I won’t give up till it’s over
If it takes you forever I want you to know that
If you fall, stumble down I’ll pick you up off the ground
If you lose faith in you I’ll give you strength to pull through
Tell me you won’t give up ’cause I’ll be waiting
If you fall you know I’ll be there for you

Promise will be sealed very very soon.

Eid 2014

Why is my countdown widget showing 2 months to go ni? I thought October will only come in 3 months wattt.


Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin to all my lovely BTBs and ex BTBS!!! If I ade ter-kasar bahasa ke, ter-kacau korang ke, I mohon maaf sincerely from the bottom of my heart.


Moving on… How’s the celebrations for y’all so far? I know la korang nak maintain figure for your upcoming wedding but Hari Raya only comes once a year seh, makan aje la. Like me, semua I lantak. I shall ignore “eh tak diet ke?” questions or anything related to that throughout this month. *buat muka tembok, pekakkan telinga and keep on eating* #gojer

And you know what, my maternal nenek introduced me to her relatives as “yang ni yang nak buat kerja kahwin nanti bulan sepuluh”


Nenek, please. I have a name.

As y’all know, this is my last Eid as a single lady in my parents home. Next year, I will be on my own with my husband at our new place :) As much as I look forward to that, I feel a pang of sadness on the eve of celebrations. Prepping and cooking my last Hari Raya meal(sss) for my family and both neneks have never been so emotional hahahahaha! I used to cook with so much gusto, kalau boleh nak cepat habis but last Sunday, I cooked with my own sweet time (but done before dusk la so that my family can have pre-raya meals to break their fast with). I cleaned my ever messy room at the very last minute and after all of that jazz, I finally crashed after 2am.

Day of …


My family.
(I dunno why the quality of pictures lousy leh. Padahal pakai Canon G12)


Maternal and Paternal.


Extended family.


and my last matchy2 baju kurung with my mama :(

Sorry for the lack of words. My brain is currently dead even though I took leave yesterday, feel so so tired and I pulled my back muscles (macam la ada hahahaha!) carrying a hugeass periuk, you know those periuk buat masak for batallion. LOLZ action kuat.

Outfits Selection Day!

Since we do not want to waste a day’s leave just for selection of our outfits, I negotiated with the manager of RW to let us come by on a weekday after office hours. Actually can make it on a weekend ba because tengah bulan Ramadan (I remembered clearly we selected my engagement outfit on a Saturday afternoon during Ramadan 3 years ago and I don’t get why they cannot do the same now) but anyway, luckily she agreed and my MUA is also available on that day.

I had my mind dead set on a green and/or blue baju (and keeping my options open as well LOL!) like I MUST HAVE A GREEN AND/OR BLUE BAJU for my wedding if not I wont settle and I already had my eyes on this piece right …


… there! NAMPAK TAK? hahaha! when I attended the talk they organised last month, before Ramadan. We were browsing their collection as we waited for the LATECOMERS and saw that piece and sampai the day of selection, asik think of that piece aje. So that makes the baju THE ONE :)

We arrived a little over 8:15pm cos we decided 8pm was a bit rushy since la baru habis buka and all that. K.ak N.ora then sat with us and asked what colour will our pelamin be and also what colour for bajus I have in mind. Immediately I told her, “I want green and blue or either” hahaha must be firm ma.

Without further ado, I told her I already had my eyes on that particular piece so she took it off the rack and my cake-cutting outfit is settled. Very fast hor, good job shahirah. But have to find a matching suit for Yan la of cos but that one later can talk LOL! Next on the list, was the nikah outfit and Kak Nora chose matching pieces for us because both of us are on the “cute” side HAHAHA and she knew better than taking out pieces after pieces and thankfully, what she chose was to our liking, so nikah outfit also settled. Yan tried on a few songkoks to test the size of his big head and I found it amusing cos I have never seen him wearing a songkok before and that made my night hahahaha! masih ada the image in my mind ni :P

Next came the headache, the sanding outfit. My mum, aunt and I (yes I brought the whole battalion along hahaha bedek la. just me, yan, my parents and aunt aje) flipped through baju after baju while Yan and Kak Nora discussed his outfit to match my blue baju. Just when we thought we found the bajus we like, Kak Nora dropped the “tu size kecik” bombsss on me -___- Back to square one for us. Then my aunt picked out a black and gold songket piece and K.ak N.ora assisted by pulling out the guy’s matching piece but Yan did not like it, he said the designs mcm kuih lapis hahaha so irritating! Back to the racks la. By then Yan found the suit/jacket that he liked. The others he tried on he found them too penguin-y according to him hahahah! Cos we have a concept that we want to follow for the last outfits so his is also settled.

It was very sad that RW only have 2 greens in their collection and both did not catch my eyes so I have to select another colour la, still keeping my options open all the while. Actually I saw a magenta one and a turquoise blue one (the moment I stepped into the house) that I liked very much but my aunt felt that they are too modern looking for sanding. It is made of songket material la only that they look very modern. That was when I was torn. “u nak pakai ke ur bibik nak pakai?”, Yan whispered. Then came another problem, those 2 pieces are from the newer collection and if I really want either, I have to pay an extra fee cos my package was a very old one. Haiya why so leceh one.

Since I already have a blue piece, I settled for the magenta one (top up top up lo, nak lawa nye pasal heh) and to my relief, Yan liked the guy’s version so yay me! And after all that drama, one would think that we took more than 3 hours in total right? Actually no, we were done by 10pm. Hmm not bad eh.

And with that, our final fitting will be a week before our wedding day. Insha’Allah, everything will be smooth sailing from here onwards.


Twenty Eighth

Celebrated my 28th (ALREADY?!) birthday and the end of my single-hood (LOL!) over the weekend with my family. But the night before, on Friday, I was burning the midnight oil by baking Hari Raya goodies to fulfill the orders I received cheh cheh cheh.


1) Chocolate Chip Meringues
2) Chocolate Chip Cookies
3) Cornflakes Honey Joys

Alaaa simple2 je, nothing too complicated. But when I dah move into my own house, I would like to learn to make other kuih2 and cookies cos I will have the kitchen all to myself!


Not say what ah, but at least I have peace, takde orang keluar masuk kitchen and comment unnecessarily, “dik, kenape like dis?”, “kenape like dat?” to name a few.

Saturday evening, my aban celebrated his bonus by bringing us out for dinner cum iftar at Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont Singapore, in conjunction with my birthday also. And I bought a handbag from Charles & Keith to gift myself, sad! Actually, for Hari Raya la heh.



You’re Engaged! So What Now?

Since my planning is almost (keyword: ALMOST) complete, I would like to take a breather from all the chaos and welcome all the new brides to be to this crazy little world of engagements and weddings.

As you all can see, my Brides-To-Be list in my Brides tab is getting longer and longer (FREAK! me not you k) and some of you girls baru nak get engaged aww~! :) Here’s to all future brides-to-be and remember, weddings are supposed to be fun and memorable. Don’t stress yourself over littlest things. Just take one step at a time and remember to breathe. Most importantly, don’t be a bridezilla la. You tend to forget your surroundings and the people you love when comes to planning your wedding (I know I did, very guilty about it. My fiance had to slow me down cos he got verbal-attacked by me a few many times :S)

Anyway, if you have just got engaged and you’re looking for where to start then take a look at this infographic.


Source: Hitched

Have fun girls!