Penat Beyond Words

so little time, so much to do, so many things to update. have been busy with work lately because my colleagues thought it was a good idea to tender together, 2 weeks apart from each other (I DUNNO WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY SIA!) and leave all the work to me and my senior. Leaving all the work to us is no biggie la. The problem is my senior. She insists on me doing EEEVVVEEERRRYYY single thing. Then she do what? adding on to that, i am only 8 months into this job, there is so much that i can handle alone ma.

the sudden stress and workload is no joke la, lagi2 nearing to my wedding date. so much so that i am even thinking of throwing my resignation letter. ya.that.bad.

yes, i agree the honeymoon period at work is officially over when these 2 tendered and I have to buck up. A normal working adult would only have 3 months honeymoon period but I 8 months leh. But not my fault k, the department was very free when i started and thruout these 8 months, only got busy recently when the 2 tendered. timing dorang baik dok, tak bagi chan seh.

/end rant.

saje je nak luahkan perasaan. If hari2 whine and complain to Yan, dia pun boleh naik bosan kan. anyway, like i said, so little time, so much to do, so many things to update. Lets see now;

  • 2nd meeting with caterer on 18 August
  • Heels bought on 27 August
  • ROMM interview on 29 August
  • Arab Street with mama, aunties and cousins & shopping for dulang items on 6 September
  • ITEmate engaged on 7 September
  • Collection of invitation cards on 7 September

Aaand i will update when time permits *HUGE-ASS SIGH*


Last Saturday;

Yan: you dun want to buy makeup to put on your dulang?
Me: I only pakai powder and eyeliner seh.
Yan: then you beli 1 kotak of eyeliner je la!
Me: -____________-


Let me tell you a story about my mission to hunt for wedding heels.

It was an EPIC failure because all the shops that I went to and knew of their collection of blinged heels do not carry my size. It was weird though, cos I do have normal, un-fancy heels.

My standard question to every shoe shops that ever existed will be;

“Excuse me, what is the biggest size for this?”

HAHAHAH! kesian seh.

Anyway, it all started on Friday when my mama and I dropped by Parkway Parade to checkout a shop I know that sells blinged heels but little did I know, the shop is actually the shop where Ili got her heels but she got hers at Changi City Point’s outlet. Up till that day, I didn’t take in the shop name, which is Darling by the way (LOL!) I entered the shop with zero expectations and did not ask for sizes cos I just know. Told the SP that I was just browsing. Went to Kiyo next door and did the same thing. Just browse, cos I know the answer already.

Then mama suggested City Plaza and I remembered yes! Some shops there carry blinged heels. We had dinner at Hawa first since both were famished and then proceeded with my mission afterwards. First I just browsed through their collections before blurting out the soalan bonus. After a while and not wanting to waste anymore time, I entered a shop and started pointing to some heels that caught my eyes and asked the aunty for the biggest size. Somehow they all stopped at 40 -___- but I tried on some pairs anyways in hopes of miraculously fitting just nicely into one but to no avail daa.


These are just a few lo!

Size 40 is ngam2 for my feet but the aunty insisted that “boleh boleh! cantik apa!” Eh aunty! Lu pakai ke gua?! Hate it when they forced when the person (ME) who was wearing it was obviously feeling very uncomfy. Aunty, you tell me la how to walk properly and what if the straps were to give way on that day itself?!

By the end of it, I was feeling so down cos I know I am not going to have a decent pair of heels for my wedding. I won’t settle for plain ones cos they are just too plain la to wear on a special occasion.

Moving on, this happened the Monday after at Kiyo @ Tampines One.

Me: what is the biggest size for all these? *pointing to the array of bling2 heels* (I figured it was easier to ask the biggest size for all instead of pulling 1 shoe by 1 shoe. Bila mau game kan?)
SP: 9. You can try la, what’s your size?
Me: oh okay la. Nevermind *sigh*
SP: (looking at my feet) why, what’s your size? Can just try ma.
Me: **
SP: wahhh! You so special!

Special ke hape, kaki giant ada lah.

With that said, Shoemakers should really update their sizing chart to cater to special ladies like me.

Welcome To Our Humble Home

Since wedding plans has taken a backseat and we are just waiting for THE day to come, I shall update you all on our house la.

After weeks of renovations, let me welcome you to our humble home :)

2014-08-01 18.56.00

Just left a bit of touch-ups here and there and rectifying to do and it will welcome us home soon, after 25th October that is. Tee hee!

Baju Kurung Drama

NOT WEDDING RELATED, just want to luahkan perasaan heh.

For this year’s festivities, my mama and I went Prada Lace on the first day. Actually I was the one who picked out the theme, she just followed … or “sembarang la…!” LOL! My mama trust my taste, or maybe she is just plain lazy. Just go with the flow la.

Initially, I had wanted a cotton eyelet kain …

EC eyelet… for my baju kurung this year after I saw a lot of it from last year. (Fun fact: I’m not one to follow trends but I sometimes follow trends from past years.) Like I mentioned that I saw a lot of eyelets last year, I thought I wanted to incorporated that into this year’s baju kurung. Actually last year’s trend that I noticed more was …


… but I sedar diri la, I know my body shape wont be able to pull off such cutting. Anyway, niat di hati mati2 nak cotton eyelet but when I entered the kedai kain shop, my eyes zeroed in on a green prada lace kain. With that, I decided I wanted prada lace. HAHAHA fickle sia. But then again, its been years that I longed to have a prada lace baju kurung. And of cos, you have to pair prada lace with an inner kain if not you will be exposing your modesty to everyone, I picked out a satin-y yellow gold kain for our inner. On that day, I was actually wearing a green and yellow shirt, so macam kena inspired la konon. LOLZ.

I really like how the yellow gold and green contrasted against each other *beams* pandai eh aku pilih. LOL, masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak. Anyway, after purchasing the kain, the makcik told us that the tailor located above their shop knows how to handle prada lace kain. So since we do not have a favourite/family tailor, we decided to try her service.


I DO NOT like how my baju turned out. So out of shape for what!

My request was so simple; long straight lace baju kurung with inner but sleeves no need inner and plain kain, dont need any special cutting whatsover or in malay terms; baju kurung panjang. I even showed her some pictures on how I want my baju to be. She explained to me that prada lace must have lining because the lobang2 is bigger than normal kain lace so to support the jahitan, it should be with inner kain. I agreed la at last cos beli mahal2 of cos I want it to turn out nice rite.

The Monday after, I felt uneasy la after our exchange and decided to head down to the tailor’s after work. On discussion day, there were other customers too so mcm abit too overwhelming even for me, like susah nak explain to the tailor la. I told her to retake my measurements as I was still apprehensive and I explained my requirements again. I went home still feeling uneasy. Tak pernah2 buat baju sampai so fikiran tak tentu arah seh LOLZ kesian seh.

On collection day, I just had to try my baju and lo and behold, I was so right, mesti ade salah. Top half was ketat -___- For all I know, baju kurung not supposed to be tight anywhere what. And the neckline when hooked, my skin beneath is not totally concealed. Like the kain doesnt meet in the center when hooked. And also, member memandai shaped the waist area so macam ade a bit of hourglass cutting. -___- seriously, baju kurung straight mane ade pleat or cutting whatsoever. And the sleeves was cut into a bell shape; tighter on upper arm and flair towards the end. Again -___- why so memandai seh!

I was beyond frustrated and pointed the mistakes to the tailor. Member lagi nak argue ngan aku “tight meh?” ccb la. I told her “baju kurung not supposed to be tight anywhere ok” Lucky for me, still got kain for her to alter and play around with and was told by the tailor to come again the week after. When I went to collect, I tried again because I no longer trust the tailor. Jahanam baju aku seh, klau kain murah takpe la. After all the drama, the baju kurung fitted me nicely albeit the waist area cannot be saved sadly (think I lost a bit of weight thats why can fit hahahah like real)

Ya, so much drama for 1 pair of baju kurung. Baru satu, nasib bukan 2 or 3.