Bangkok Trippin’

Any hotel, shopping and makan recommendations in Bangkok?

I know korang2 ni semua terror, can still travel while saving for wedding and house. I dunno how you girls do it but …



I welcome all suggestions and they will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Sooo, it is my first Ramadan as a married woman, with my husband in our new house and away from my family. Felt very hmmm lain(?). Used to wake up to mama’s continuous “bangun la da pukul brape ni? Tak tahu nak tolong mama?” LOL! Now I’m on my own. Boo hoo!

Mama msged me last night to “besok bangun sendiri”


Sigh so sad or wat.

But izzokay, my husband is off duty today (reservist) and I know he will not sleep one so he was the one who woke me up this morning! A few minutes later, my phone rang and it was mama :) See, I know I could count on her. She will cakap only tanak bangunkan but at last she will give a wake up call.

Ramadan Mubarak ladies!



Johor Bahru la not Justin Biebs.

Ayah received a wedding invitation from his technician from work, sounded pretty normal right? But the wedding venue was to be held in JB! Last I went for a wedding across the border was many many years ago and that time, I was not into the whole wedding thingamajig yet. I was in primary school back then, what do you expect.

Back when I was planning my own wedding, I came across a few bridals and decor vendor from Mesia that I fell in love with espesh C.henta W.edding. Who doesn’t know CW? Ok, if you really don’t, wait till you are planning your own wedding, you sure will know one LOLz! So needless to say, I was part excited and part lazy to be forced into going JB with my parents. Yan jangan cakap la, he forever lazy to go jemputans one. Nasib jemputan sendiri dia tak malas hahaha! One, because I do not want to wear baju kurung all the way up north, the feeling I cannot explain. Macam leceh gitu la. Pegi weddings in SG in baju kurung tak leceh pun? Hey! Different story k. Was part happy cos I want to see what a JB wedding looks like and has to offer. I actually nak makan aje la. That’s what I go to weddings for ~~~ HAHAHAHA!

Ya, I wanna know what and how their weddings differ from us, in terms of decor, andaman and of course food (see whether they got ayam masak merah or not :P) And also, mama kind of umpan-ed me to follow. She said “lepas pegi sana, boleh pegi Angsana apeee. Yong Tau Foo!” I lost the battle before I could even start fighting seh.

The wedding was held in a hall ala our community centres but they called it, Dewan la duh. And it is bigger than our CC’s halls but I think they could up their aircon power la. It was at its softest and I was rimas even though I was not in baju kurung. Just imagine if I were to be there in baju kurung. My first reaction when I enter the dewan was “WHOA! besarnye the pelamin!” and really it was huge. From one end to the other end of the stage, it took up the whole space. And I liked that the groom asked for inter-changeable coloured lights cos he not only had 1 huge-ass pelamin, he had 1 huge-ass pelamin that can change colours before our very eyes.



I only managed to capture 4 colours but I’m sure there were more than 4. And did I mention that there were bonesteak/tulang served at their main buffet line? Yes, they did. Usually, we only served tulang during the rewang night and those who “rewang”ed get to eat them but this, all of us get a taste of it :) I only took 1 small piece before I takut kuah splash on my baju. Sad!


The only negative thing I have to comment was their lack of hygiene. There were flies EVERYWHERE. Their buffet scoopers were not there to scoop food for guests, but to tepis all the lalat away. Amusing sight seh hahahaha! Boleh la aku ketawa cos I tak berak2 but Yan did. Dunno what he ate that we did not. Some of Ayah’s colleagues too had diarrhoea and he said “maybe dorg tak baca Bismillah” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

And also, they had a live mee rebus station but the server was damn unhygienic sia. He used his bare hands to grab the noodles and blanch them and his workstation was really really messy, like the raw noodles and taugeh da bersepah-sepah all over his area and there were kuah spillages also. I dun even know how mama can make herself take one bowl of it. But luckily she tak sakit perot.


The C&C Team and Family.
Sorry the image is kinda blurry and grainy.

After that, we went to Angsana to makan my Yong Tau Foo (I purposely ate a little so I could stuff myself silly with YTF) and bought some household stuff home. And dun forget our Subs :)

You Kenal?

Husband and I were waiting for a cab last weekend and I saw those wedding posters on one of the lamppost and I pun kepo2 la nak tengok the bride and groom’s names.

Me: B look, ada org kahwin here (around our estate)
Him: you kenal?
Me: No la, nak tengok the names aje apeee
Him: kan smua BTB you kenal…

LOL! Melampau seh kene bahasa just because I still read BTB blogs.

Not 1 but 2

Hello Girls!

I am still alive la, don’t worry. Just that nothing much to update post wedding&honeymoon since this IS a wedding blog ma.

And please don’t be deceived by the title eh! :P

Anyway, last weekend, my parents and brothers (yes I forced mama to drag my brothers to jemputans now, takkan asik me aje yang kene attend. I did not attend as I have to visit the ILs) attended a wedding hosted by ayah’s cousin (whose son is S.hah I.skandar. information really not that important right but he is my paternal second cousin hahahaha!).

That night, mama called to update me on the day’s event and as usual, I only hear bits and pieces of it LOL! but what caught my attention was when she said they took a photo at the photobooth and had to pay $2 for a copy.
$2!!! 2 FUCKING DOLLARS sak for a copy!!!

So expensive for wat. Macam daylight robbery seh. Unfortunately, mama did not get the company name (wasted) if not da terpampang kat sini.

But really, in all seriousness, $2 for a copy is toofuckingmuch la.

The Nerve! 2.0

I have to set the privacy settings on my previous post as my friend and his wife had deleted or hidden their facebook posts and it is only right that I do the same. Maybe they want to investigate more in depth before revealing the person/vendor. But I will just see from here whether they want to pursue the matter or not. With that being said, keep away from P.retty P.apersandsuch.