The Nerve! 2.0

I have to set the privacy settings on my previous post as my friend and his wife had deleted or hidden their facebook posts and it is only right that I do the same. Maybe they want to investigate more in depth before revealing the person/vendor. But I will just see from here whether they want to pursue the matter or not. With that being said, keep away from P.retty P.apersandsuch.

5 Days 4 Nights In Bali – HOMEBOUND!

Finally!!! The day I have been waiting for, cos I was really homesick. I miss home, I miss my family, I miss *cough* SG *cough* Yay yay! Boleh balik! LOL!

We shall start the day with some breakfast shall we? Last day to wake up to free breakfast, all prepared for you ready to be served, the only thing you had to do was order.

2014-11-02 09.39.48

adoiii~ ni gagah ke gelojoh! mentang da kahwin je appetite all out eh LOL!

After breakfast, we finished packing our luggage and we were off to the airport in no time hahahaha happy giler seh aku. Yan was frowning all the way cos he was not ready to go home. Our flight was due in the late noon but we had to checkout at 12pm so we asked our driver to drive us straight to the airport but take the longest way possible la so that we could kill time. Upon reaching the airport, we got another 2 hours to kill -__- so we lepaked at one of the cafes there, munched on some nachos and drank coffee and iced chocolate. No pictures of the food but I got a picture of …

2014-11-02 13.44.20

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry la, I betul2 cannot wait to be home :P Im just a lousy traveller la. Or maybe I was unhappy that I kena “tricked” into a relaxing and rejuvenating trip. Yup, still bitter over the fact that I tak enjoy my honeymoon.

2014-11-02 16.50.05

Bye bye Bali!


Day 4 was all about shopping, makan and exploring on our own. And knowing me, I did not shop at all. HAHA so kental sak. As a girl, I really do not know how to shop. I will go into a shop, browse through and will be out in 5 minutes or less :P

but First!, breakfast is the most important meal of the day LOL!

2014-11-01 08.33.21

Yan had poached eggs, I had scrambled eggs, both with the works and we shared some pancakes with syrup. We decided not to keluar so early so we arranged for our driver to pick us up around noon. Our guide was unavailable as he had personal stuff to settle that day. Hokays, 1 less person to tip :P

After shopping or the lack of it (HAHA), we settled for A&W for dinner. The last time I had A&W was yearsss ago seh. Think I was in primary school back then.


Root beer floats and Waffles harus! But kan, they dun serve coney dogs anymore :( kinda a half-wasted trip seh.

While waiting for our waffles…

2014-11-01 17.55.50 2014-11-01 17.56.14 2014-11-01 17.56.35

We were wondering how come 1 piece of waffle can take so long to make. I told Yan, maybe they only have 1 waffle iron hahah stoppit seh. Service for the waffles damn slow or wat.

After dinner, we told the driver to take us to the outlet malls we spotted along the streets. We were there for 1hour or so before we decided to call it a night.

5 Days 4 Nights in Bali – Day 3

Day 3 – We I decided to stay in as I was exhausted from the impromptu “trekking” the day before. My legs were aching and I was really drained. All I want to do was sleep, sleep and just sleep. BUT, however tired I was, I would not miss out on our complimentary breakfast so I dragged Yan out of bed close to 9am. Kasi dia chan sleep a while more LOL! We just brushed out teeth, washed our faces and headed out for breakfast. We did not even bother to shower cos why? Our villa was right next to the bistro! HOW CONVENIENT! :P

2014-10-31 09.40.18

Yan’s was Poached Eggs with Tuna and Toast, Ratatouille and Hashbrown and I had Scrambled Eggs, Chicken Sausage with Toast, Ratatouille and Hashbrown and French Toast to split.

After breakfast, I told Yan that we should utilise our complimentary spa since we had no outdoor plans and my body was screaming for kneading. We proceeded to the reception area to make reservations. We then head back to our villa and knocked out. Perangai mcm ular seh, da makan, da kenyang terus tido.

We woke up before Maghrib and got ready for our spa. It was not good but it was not bad either. Macam a-ok je la. She did not concentrate on a certain area for some time, like when she got to the target area, kneaded for awhile and bila baru start shiok, she went to another area pulak *whines internally* LOL! But ok for a complimentary spa.

After spa, my perot sound hahahaha no surprises there. We proceeded to the bistro and had dinner. Malas nak keluar and da gelap pun.

2014-10-31 22.06.59

If I can remember correctly. I had Grilled Seafood set (I did not enjoy it hahaha cos macam tak authentically grilled gitu), Yan had the Bistro Nasi Padang and we both shared a Margherita Pizza.

We slept early cos we planned to do some shopping the next day!

5 Days 4 Nights in Bali – Day 2

set my alarm for 6am cos we were scheduled for a looong day that day. Yan had called for a driver service to drive us around the island’s places of interest. He got the driver’s number from his cousin.

6am, woke up, showered, put my face on then we were off for our breakfast at the villa’s bistro.


Yes, I would rather wake up early and take my own sweet time to get ready than rush at the last min, nanti eyeliner senget amcm cakap? LOL!


sorry for the obscene image, sumpah tak sengaja sak!

I had Eggs Ben with Chicken Sausage and Ratatouille while Yan had Scrambled Eggs and Toast with Chicken Sausage and Ratatouille.

After breakfast, we lepak in our villa for awhile (apesal lepas breakfast mesti ngantok gila eh?) and wait for our driver to come.

All I remembered was we went beach-hopping, 4 beaches if Im not wrong. By the end of the day, I felt like killing Yan. All I wanted was a relaxing honeymoon to rejuvanate from the wedding planning stress and all that jazz but he brought me beach-hopping which I swear was the most tiring thing I ever done. Imagine turun bukit to admire the beaches and naik bukit balik to our car x 4. Yes, we did the same thing 4 times.


my kaki mcm nak patah! normal girls would exercise before their wedding day but for me, i exercised after. Not funny seh. And I even had a little accident.

2014-10-31 11.09.11

konon nak hop hop from one rock to another but I dint realised the rocks were wet so I slipped. Npk mcm kecik but stung like hell. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Yan took most of them and he has yet to upload them hahahaha and sadly for me, I dun look good in any of those pictures cos I was so tired, sweaty and lazy. Like I said, I kene bedek. I thought honeymoon is supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating but gua tertipu seh.

After beach-hopping, we asked the driver to take us to their famous J.imbaran area to have our long-awaited romantic dinner. And romantic it was not. We wanted to celebrate our marriage and honeymoon plus it was Yan’s birthday that day too so we asked the driver to recommend a place for us. He said he will bring us to a place where people raved so much about so we said ok la. What we thought would be a quiet and romantic dinner turned out the opposite. He brought us to J.imbaran yes. But the restaurant was full of middle-aged men and women singing and dancing to d.angdut. oh come on!!! We turned to our left and wished we were next door instead. The atmosphere dere was soo much quieter seh :( I told Yan maybe the ones who raved about the place are those who are into these d.angdut nonsense tsk.

We were not crazy about the food either. We had better seafood dishes in S.ingapore to be honest.


and kangkung celup no less. Stoppit sia, blanched kangkong with no spice or flavorings.

After dinner, I spotted a jagung bakar cart and bought 2 corns. 1 sweet and 1 spicy. Back at the villa, the hosts surprised Yan with a birthday cake how sweet!


sorry image was gritty.


Before I end the night, i had corn on the bed while Yan passed out. Sape yg penat skrg LOL! and I ate his share too teehee~

5 Days 4 Nights in Bali – Day 1

Long overdue but I will just post for memories sake. Honeymoon ma. And also, it will not be wordy as I might have forgotten what had happened there hahahaha cannot blame me cos it has been more than 2 months since our honeymoon :P

Day 1 – 29 October 2014

We left for the airport from our new home (yes we have shifted 2 days after the wedding. Entry to follow…i think heh) at around 8am-ish since our flight was around 10am like that. My parents fetched us and away we go. It was my semi-virgin airplane ride. I had my first ride when I was in primary school so it is obvious that it had been a looong time since I’ve travelled. passport kena locked ma. Once at the airport, we collected our flight tickets. I did not snap the “mandatory” ticket pictures cos our tickets were just pieces of paper hahahaha nothing spesel. But I got snap our wedding rings hahahaha macam la important sgt :P


then it was time for us to check in. Mama hugged me so tight and burst into tears. I told her I will come back to her, don’t worry adoii~


my face was constipated because like I said, it was my semi-virgin flight and I was super duper nervous after news of missing airplanes and what have yous so I have the right to be nervous lo.

We reached Denpasar airport an hour and 30 mins later and I swear it felt like hours hahaha. I napped for awhile in the plane and woke up with a shock and could not sleep after that. Yan said I ngigau-ed. hahahaha tak pernah2 aku ngigau siotz. Anyways, I envisioned Bali to be all sun, sea and sand but when we touched down, I was disappointed with the view. We looked for our driver and spotted someone holding a sign “Pak Ardian” LOL LOL LOL! He drove us to our villa and dont get me started on the traffic pls. honk here and there but they did give way la unlike here :P

Second disappointment was our villa surroundings. I assumed our villa was near the beaches or wat cos I thought Bali villas are surrounded by beaches but gua kena tipu sak. Our villa was located ke dalam dalam i dunno how to describe but when we enter the place, it was a whole different surrounding la. This villa pun was recommended by his friend so ya, we just followed lo.

20141029_142625_PanoPanoramic view of our villa. Yeap, private pool for us to … ;)

2014-10-29-14-19-10_photo 2014-10-29-14-19-36_photo 2014-10-29-14-19-52_photo 2014-10-29-14-20-08_photo 2014-10-29-14-20-28_photo 2014-10-29-14-21-03_photo 2014-10-29-14-21-32_photo 20141030_074301

no, the gazebo was not dirty. Just a group of ants partying. and …


… a panoramic view of the public pool which we did not use cos both of us hav “cute” body sizes hahaha. We were welcomed with a Welcome drink and cake (normal kan this one!)


We decided to just chill and rest in our villa on Day One and before I knew it, Yan was already snoring hahaha tak boleh harap seh so I decided to take a dip in our private pool.


ok la, my feet did the dipping :P

Yan woke up before Maghrib and we decided to just order room service.


Food was so so la. After awhile, I felt peckish and Yan brought me out to buy some snacks to munch on. It was quite early still around 9pm but most of the shops outside were already closed and it was so dark. Luckily a shop near our villa was still opened and I made a discovery.


hahahahaha basket so small for wat! :P

Ok la, end of Day 1. Oh ya, the villa we stayed in was Transera Grand Kancana Resort Villas Bali in case you ladies are wondering.