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My B(r)e(a)stie’s Wedding

my best friend was lawfully wedded on the 9th of June 2012 to her poly sweetheart, Dee.

their pre-wedding photoshoot-indoors.
ok first up, their nikah (or solemnization) outfit.


their sanding outfit
and last but not least …

their evening outfit.

Bridal: Versari Ade
Decor: Tahta Tiara
(their dais is one of TT’s latest collection and i did not take any of its pictures -__- their dais looked like a Hershey Kiss so just imagine can already ok. hehe)
Catering: Mawar Prada
(not bad but the food was too spicy for my liking and i did not even take second helping :()

Congratulations on your wedding my breastie and may your marriage with your man last till Jannah. insyaAllah.


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