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Queen S

i know my “still-far-all-in-one” wedding is still, well, far, in 2014 to be exact but that did not stop me from booking a bridal now 😀 crazy rite? but there are so many bride-zillas *whistles* now so must act fast la kan if not no slot how?

i dragged my parents and siblings to the last day of Bridal & Travel 2012 organised by MegaXpress International Pte Ltd held on 3 May to 6 May 2012 cos that week, my second cousin was getting hitched so must rewang la what la.

it was my first time going to a bridal showcase since my engagement last September. LOL! not because i dont want go look-see2 but i very malu. dont ask me why i just do. hahaha! maybe because finally im planning my own wedding eh eh eh! ok da diam.

i wanted to go to this showcase because Ratu Weddings had a booth and since they are on my List of Vendors, i want to see what they have to offer. and also i booked them for my engagement andaman (and my makeup that day was flawless, everyone loved it and said i looked like my mama 20 yrs ago hahah!!)

and Ratu Weddings dont usually do expos and booths and if they do, it’ll be once every year or 2 years and this year i was lucky cos they decided to open their booth! so their ever-so-efficient Kak Nini (the admin) was explaining to me their bridal and photography promotions and needless to say, i booked them on the spot. Because One, i like their makeup on me during my engagement. Two, my mama beside me was telling me to just go with Ratu Weddings since i already know their makeup techniques and skills and Three, I scared to experiment with my other choice vendors. Weddings are not the time to experiment or test. The makeup and bridal gowns can either make or break your wedding.

nice rite the make up and gown?
hee hee hee! 😀

“We are close to your hearts because you are the Queen in our hearts!” – Ratu Weddings


4 thoughts on “Queen S

  1. hello awak!!!

    what do you know, i was googling for something else and ended up here. hope you don’t mind me following you???

    anyway, it’s the end of 2012 already, it’s good that you’ve started recce-ing… once you start the booking exercise full steam ahead next year, it’ll be a breeze, insya Allah 🙂

    1. HELLO!!!

      and i wonder wat u were googling abt that made u end up here. hahaha!!! paisey dok cos mine is not as updated as urs but ok la, since i myself read ur blog too 😀

      tgh look see look see. bridal and decor da booked! lagi ganas seh, padahal wedding in 2014 insyaAllah 😛

      1. i was googling for tahta tiara prices! i think you mentioned about them in one of your entries, that’s why it appeared in google search

        no need to be so updated like mine lah, i’m gila takde kerja, that’s why every few days boleh update hur hur. yay enjoy documenting the journey, babe!

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