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My First Kasai Sayang Wedding

When I got to know that my fiance’s cousin engaged Kasai Sayang as their decor vendor (and also invited me to her wedding hahaha!), I was very excited as it will be my first look on Kasai Sayang’s work and finally I got to see one of their amaZAYN layout.

Her wedding was held at a CC and I dont really favour CCs that much because vendors cant do much because of their high ceilings and pillarless area. Most vendors make use of low ceilings and pillars at HDB voiddecks to put up their decor and they can transform a plain voiddeck to a wedding wonderland LOL!

When I enter the hall, I was literally blown away, not by the huge blast of aircon la but by the beautiful surrounding. The hall was transformed in a way that you would not know that its a hall, more like a ballroom. really tak bedek lo! I was ooh-ing and aah-ing and my 3rd brother also commented “hmm cantik seh!” even my aban and parents nodded their agreement and by then, my fiance and I knew we had made the right choice.


(Source: Kasai Sayang)

nice rite the decor? so white and pure.

LOL! rhyme seh!


34 thoughts on “My First Kasai Sayang Wedding

  1. Hi, ive seen their work on instagram and am really awwed byt their amazing work. However, i heard that they get fully booked really fast. I’ve already emailed them but still waiting paitiently to their reply. Anyhows, im interested to know the quotation of the above so i can get a rough idea of their package prices. Do get back to me soonest. Thanks. 🙂

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