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so big boy’s 29th came and went and tbh, i was overwhelmed with gift ideas for him like got a list of potential gifts i haven got him a proper birthday gift since we started going out, only treated him to birthday dinner (but hey its the thought that counts rite?)

and him being a gadget FREAK means he expects a gadget-y kind of gift and all his guesses were all gadget-y stuff, very frustrating you know cos gadget-y stuff is EXPENSIVE urgh! why cant he like clothes, or books or anything cheaper than gadget-y stuff LOL!

my hints for him were the gift is big and you can just plug in and play and big boy got so excited he thought i bought for him the Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Pack.

ok la, gave him credit, he did guessed already BUT i wasnt thinking of the Loot Pack, i was more thinking of this;

LOL! yes i actually thought of getting him JUST the game but the more i think macam lame and pathetic pulak kan so at last i settled for this;

a Camera Dry Cabinet! its practical becos he just bought himself a DSLR camera and according to researches, DSLRs need tender loving care and a place to stay so ya a Dry Cabinet it is then. and he can keep his other gadgets in there too. win-win!

and whats a birthday without a meal rite? LOL!

anyways, im glad he liked my gift and HE’D BETTER BE cos i struggled with dat big box all my myself the day before his bday. ya, kinda last min rite.

Happy 29th again my Rubber-Faced Man! 😀


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