(Source: Jentayu Gallery)

When Jentayu Gallery posted the above on their Facebook page yesterday, I gawked and immediately Googled furiously to see if such magical weddings do exist and to my excitement, they do!

i think this one uses pink drapes and white lights. very girly!

so nice I can vomit sia!

(Source: Asian Wedding Ideas)

choked on my own saliva sia. OMG! so nice and warm but confirm panas, cos under bright lights ma.

but if you want something more subtle and not-so-bright, you can opt for this;

the lampu lap-lip to be fixed UNDER the drapes.

hmmm, but kan, these lampu lap-lip decor is only suitable if you are holding a wedding dinner and not lunch cos siang2 buta pakai lampu banyak2 buatpe. buang current only. and the electricity bill confirm bomb! T.own C.ouncil confirm re-issue invoice and permit sia HAHAHA!

but then again, so lawaaa~


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