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Home Sweet Home-Part I

Next stage of our lives is completed. HLE approved and we are $2,000 poorer as of yesterday.

We managed to secure ourhis first choice (we have 5 choices seh LOL! i actually not cerewet la oni dat i dun like the afternoon sun and dats my only concern (i think)) but he on the other hand must see fengshui la, the sun rises at the east and sets in the west or whichever, near interchange la bla bla bla so we were very happy that our first choice was still available. Before that, lagi dia boleh suruh the officer count the monies and i gave him a glare. To me, “takmo waste time just grab la” u wudnt noe ma all this, your choice mite get snapped up within seconds of the banyak bersongeh.

But nevertheless, Alhamdulillah as now we are halfway to achieving a home to call our own.


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