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the evening before yesterday evening (LOL! irritating or wat?) i finally got around to calling our (me and my parents) first choice caterer and she suggested meeting up for discussion on one of these days. She told me that I’m actually kind of too early to go for food tasting and I told her “skrg ade byk bridezillas (LOL! i actually said that but of cos i nvr laughed into her ear la) so i very takot you takde slots lagi” and she reassure me insyaAllah will ade.

so that same evening, i relayed me and the caterer’s convo to Ayah and he kept saying this one word. “ayah nak ni…” “ayah klau boleh nak jempot smua sedara mara” “ayah this” “ayah that” see the pattern? he kept using the word AYAH (hence the title of this entry) it made me think ni aku nak kahwin ke dia? not being rude or what la, but (like every BTB) its MY wedding ma not his. im surprised because usually mothers are the one who klau boleh nak invite the whole family tree but for me, its the other way round. i have told mama that no need to invite all, invite the usuals and those we see all the time and also my late grandfather side. I cant say no to that side of her family becos its her late father’s side and also her cousins. thank Allah she understands. but ayah… im just scared that he’ll invite the unimportant onesss as well. those we see during hari raya they’re ok, i dun want him to invite the tiny branches of his family tree. ugh! bila part guestlist confirm stress cos i expected all these already. and we have not even come up with a guestlist and i called the caterer already. adoi! selengeh nye aku!

and did i mention, our wedding will be a combined one? le sigh.


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