The biggest malay wedding exhibition kicked off yesterday afternoon and I very jakun cos i missed their exhibition last year. want to know what happened last year? we were already at the Expo but at dat time i just got engaged and i very malu2 to approach vendors and we just stood outside the expo hall and peeked in. LOL!

so yesterday i dragged both my mama and fiance along with me to just lookseelooksee as most of our heavyweights have been booked already.

to quote them as the biggest malay wedding exhibition is really an understatement because they are not really big. they only take up 1/4 of the hall space. the they im referring to are the wedding vendors, the decor, the bridal, the photogs. they only take up 1/4 of the hall space. terperanjat beruk jugak la.

i was like…


then i was like…


got la one two or three vendors yg caught my eyes then da. and can you believe it ade handphone accessories stall, gaming stalls and car stalls? baju2 kaftan and food area is normal la but the former? hmmm. disappointed or maybe i went on the first day so belum warm up lagi.


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