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Woes-Bridal Room

is a bridal room or “bilik pengantin” really that important?

i mean, to my personal opinion and views, the room is just to showcase the so-called matrimonial or marriage room and also to showcase the dulang hantarans. i have to ask this because 1) i don’t think I would want to spend more money just to doll up a room for 2days and taking it down after and 2) my bedroom has built-in furnitures; bed, bookcase, vanity table and desk are all built-in.

i have very limited option if i were to do up a bridal room because i cant move my furniture around UNLESS i use my parents’ bedroom which i did during my engagement but i felt so bad because they slept on the floor alas with comforter just so they don’t mess up the bed (the mattress cover was nothing special la only decorated with beads and stuff but they don’t want to ruin it)

so what say you, bridal room or no bridal room?


13 thoughts on “Woes-Bridal Room

  1. Maybe u cud just do a simple one for ur bedroom…dun have to engage someone to decorate. For mine, I plan not to spend so much on bridal room… Just buying kelambu from ikea and put in my room.. Simple are good πŸ™‚

    1. thats wat i have in mind oso, buy a nice cadar which i can use for my future room but its the mother la. sighh. she said MUST! to me no becos not all guest will come and view the room wat.

      1. Yeah I understand… My mum wants me to change all my furniture in my room coz semua beli time kecik2 dulu… Hence i decide to buy the cheapest one since I’m not gonna be staying there for long. Nasib baik she’s fine with me not getting vendor to decorate the room. Bought cadar that’s not timbul2 kind but still look pengantin-ish during expo and kelambu from Ikea…

      2. I actually don’t want a bridal room at all. Agaknye my mum ade mini heart attack after hearing dat πŸ˜› but lets see how it goes eh. I cannot buy future furniture now cos no space in my current room

  2. Hiiiii!! I have been blog hopping hehehe. I think bridal room is not important… Its a bonus if you have but wont die if you dont have. Unless you nak feeling2 video video ke photo photo ke dalam bilik then doll abit la but no need to spend like beratus-ratus kan? simple2 deco ke… πŸ™‚

    1. ive been blog hopping too! hahahah! πŸ˜€
      i will oni be in the room just for makeup and get ready purposes and not all guests will come and hegeh2 in the room oso ma. but its the Mother sighhh~

  3. Tak payah lah bridal room! Lol…if nak nice background for your dulangs…u tell ur photographer WAIT!! Amek the photos with a different background (say on a nice table or something). Sepppp duit awak, you!

      1. That is good idea!! Lol
        I think org dulu kan pengantin perempuan dekat bilik pengantin bile time nikah… Maybe that’s y… My assumption eh… Ade yg siap posing2 dekat bilik pengantin lagi lol…
        We can create new tradition! Haha i think our future generation will have the same thinking as us too!

  4. Babe you nikah where? void deck or home? If at home then you can just DIY simple stuff and at most buy furniture if you’re gonna use it for your future home. paint the room, accessorize a little. if not you can just use whatever you have now and buy when da ader proper home of your own. bridal room is like over $500 kan? abeh temporary je. tak yah sudah! the money can be used for home reno or tambah2 bende lain2. πŸ˜‰

    1. its the mother and the aunties. i oso klau boleh tanak waste money bcos not all guests will bother to come up and tgk the bilik correct or not? insyaAllah dlm rumah la bcos my mum say lebih bagus cos its ur hse. now nak convince her to do up simple2 like my engagement. takya la nak pasang drapes2 dlm bilik -__-

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