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Woes-Solemnisation Date

Yet another woe for us. So many dugaans we faced and are facing while planning our big day. Le sigh *insert mengeluh emoji*

We may need to bring forward our solemnisation date (and even sanding date) as we MAY receive our house keys in the 3rd quarter of 2014. We already planned for a 4th quarter wedding cos sui-sui 3 years engagement ma but looking at a larger picture, we MAY have to bring forward.

New Picture

i veh confused with Point 1 and Point 5 seh. Do we have to submit our marriage cert before or on the date of possession or if we solemnise after taken possession?

If we follow Point 5, no headaches as we can carry on with our initial planned date rite? What if kene follow Point 1? we have to solemnise before taking possession. Point 1 means we have to bring forward our date, means have to re-arrange with our vendors. re-arrange means subject to their availability dates. if no empty dates, we may have to forfeit our deposits and find other available vendors!!! wahhh!!! why like this!!!

Or another scenario, we just have to nikah and sanding on different days la. Nikah first on an earlier date (at ROMM la npknye) and keep our sanding date.

what say you alls?


15 thoughts on “Woes-Solemnisation Date

  1. Hey babe, meh sini saya tolong sikit…lol
    Point 1 is applicable if you take ahg then u have to submit your marriage cert first before you collect key. U actually dun have to bring forward your wedding… Once you were given notice to collect key u can actually appeal for extension. But u need to produce some evidence of ur wedding (ie caterer invoice or something) . I believe they will give u a few mths grace. It’s not our fault that flat tu cepat kan… And maybe to be safe u can print screen that expected date of completion for keep before they change the date. At least u can say that u plan ur wedding based on their estimation.

      1. We applied for the Sep SBF dats y mcm cepat. I also blindly told my fiancé to apply cepat2 LOL! I think we took up the AHG la so it made me feel dat we have to bring forward our solemnization date. Furthermore, our officer dat time mcm rushy, tak sabar nak abiskan our application dat to me she nvr gave much advise or explanation (we were the last applicants and da 5plus so I think dia nak balik) insyaAllah everything will go as planned. veh leceh u noe nak re-schedule date n day ni smua *insert mengeluh emoji again*

  2. Hello… where’s your location? Mine is Anchorvale harvest… 3rd Quarter 2014. We planning to get married in Aug 2014 cos June puasa & July hari raye… And we want to get married & move into our house straightaway…

    1. Mine is at Tampines, 3rd quarter oso so I think ours same batch. Me and my fiancé planned for an October wedding but flat ready beforehand -__- so I feel mcm lost gitu

  3. Hi BTB! Just a small thought, my SIL pon appeal bcos she got a balance flat. She even got the keys before her solemnization. The thing is, i guess they are pretty flexible if both are singaporeans. My SIL produced the cert to HDB after the wedding via email but keys already on hand. Funny kan? But its case to case basis.. dont worry i think its “negotiable” 🙂

    1. Hello fellow BTB! i was told by the officer oso la can appeal and its case by case. i was told by so many ppl includin my fiance to not worry oso but cant help it. i dont want my solemnization date to be brought forward as i da pay deposit. veh leceh u noe.

  4. Don’t worry, I bought a resale flat (without AHG), and we submitted the cert 7 months after getting my keys. All we had to do was to show them our receipts and “proof” that we’re getting married. But I know how you feel la, I was also very very worried until they said OK about the delay in cert submission heh.

    1. alaaa but mine is with AHG (if im not wrong la bcos the officer ade mentioned 15-20K so i think AHG la) and as per point 1 we must submit on or before possession so sighhh. stil worried as ever 😦

  5. hi! i got the ahg also and mine should be ready 3rd qtr 2014 and in tampines also (omg we might be neighbours???) then we’re planning for a march 2014 wedding

    the lady at hdb did tell us that we have to produce our marriage cert before we get the keys but she also said we can appeal sekiranya we alr booked stuff for a wedding that is later than the key-collection sebab the another date (estimated delivery or something?) is in 2015. so to play safe we’re doing it in march BUT we are also preparing to appeal if it becomes earlier.

    it’ll be fine insyaAllah!

    1. Hi! U applied for which part of tamp? I got the SBF flat after numerous tries (padahal 3 kali aje but yay! :))

      Our officer oso got tell us to get ready to appeal IN CASE. I tot the flat itself is ready by 3rd quarter and can move in anytime after dat skali … But our officer wasnt helpful la dat day. I find her kind of rushy becos da after 5pm and i think she nak balik or wat. She kept on shrugging her shoulders. Thats y la i very worried abt the submission of cert until now D:

      1. hi! we’re at the tampines central 7.. near the dbss.. yours?
        this one is our fourth try! first three times we applied at punggol but didnt get.. which is good eh, come to think of it! 🙂 things have a way of working itself out..

        my fiance is the kind who researches things so he had a lot of questions for our hdb officer who was super helpful and trying to reply to all our queries 🙂 i’m also abit worried but… it should be okay lah! 😉

      2. i think we are in the same cluster. we applied for tampines greenleaf 😀 and near my parents too i so happy!

        my fiance is the same as urs only that our officer wasnt very helpful like i told u she was in a rush or something. maybe later on the day we want to sign we ask questions again la. worried tak tentu arah seh me 😦

      3. i dont remember mine is tampines green-what! HAHAHA :p

        yeah! dont worry! things have a way of working out 😉 insyaAllah

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