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Hmmm macam da lama tak blog-hopping, btb-stalking and wedding-planning eh? work has been hectic bcos of the stupid p.m.p review. Faster end la!

Wedding-planning has been put on hold until our house is settled because of the clash in the dates ma. ((I kena marah lo by fiancé that time when I told him to survey2 photographers and videographers “settle rumah dulu boleh?” le sigh~ (I assigned him dat part cos it’s his expertise and wait I salah choose again member bingit >.> I just told him I want our pictures to be bright and colourful, without so much edits, that’s my only concern la)) so ok, put on hold la.

Called our choice vendor for catering a few weeks ago and she asked us to be prepared with the guest list also we have not gotten that ready yet.

So slack seh the both of us.


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