Wedding Cake 101


if y’all (BTBs and future BTBs) are still clueless about cake sizes, i hope the above chart can help. tapi kan, kalau our guestlist da ter-over saaay 1000 and above (standard ape in malay-muslim weddings), berape inchi (length x breadth or height) agaknye eh our wedding cake? LOL!


10 thoughts on “Wedding Cake 101

  1. Well I am a fan of cake so thanks for sharing this! Yay! I was kinda thinking of how much I love cake yet slalu tak dapat makan at weddings cause lepas couple potong cake and suap each other – orang lain tak dapat. Stakat tengok and lust after the cake dari jauh (speaking from experience). So I was thinking of cutting the cake earlier in the event and bagi-bagi so this post helps alot in the size I should be looking at..

    Anyway, menyampah tau I you masih secret2 pasal your wedding date. Bilang already!

    1. or u can have half cake and half cupcake for ur event. the cupcakes can bagi2 to ur guests and the cake last2 leh potong2 and suap2 and swipe2 kat each others faces :P:P

      oh u secret2 pasal your pictures boleh. aaaahhh amek kau! HAHAHAHA!!! padahal ade countdown post tau kat bawah2, one of my old post. cari la. heheheh! *evil*

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