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Woes, Woes And More Woes

i know i have been slacking in my wedding planning, booking and deposit-ing but what to do when my fiance asked one fine day when i told him i want to book my choice photographer “asal kiasu sangat? kalau vendors lari macam mane?” to which i asked him back “takkan nak book the day before wedding kan?”

nak plan and book pun boleh jadi WWIII 😦 how do i convince him that if we book early we can get the vendors’ current package and not terkial-kial later?

since now my 1st choice photog is available on my wedding date, i kalau boleh wanna deposit asap just so i can secure him if not … dont want to reveal which photog UNTIL i secured him wait sedih selama-lamanye if tak dapat dia. initially, i pushed the duty of recce-ing of photogs and videographers to him BUT he’s taking his (bloody) own sweet time la (nak tengok quality of shots la, nak see their editing skills la, bla bla bla)

org klau boleh nak cepat2 so can settle the kettle and concentrate on important if not more stuff like saving money (what else)


2 thoughts on “Woes, Woes And More Woes

  1. that’s y u mostly see bridezilla….hahha…jarang ade groomzilla…. lol…we ladies are always the one who panics at everything…while the guys (some) never see the importance of it @_____@

    1. he can tell me “my bro booked 6mths before…” his bro one kecil kecilan. ours is combined ma and confirmed ramai. and kalau boleh nak settle cepat2 so nanti tak pening. kepala dia batu la i cant seem to enter. le sigh~

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