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Wedding Sightings

last weekend my parents and I (ya me alone padahal ada lagi 3 brothers but somehow i always kena dragged along. reason being “nanti bila kau kahwin takde org dtg” *dalam hati* fewer people to invite la :P) attended 3 jemputans, 2 of which were weddings and the third one was my breastie’s baby shower and i noticed a few things;

a) the decor on the guys side are usually plain and simple, macam alah sembarang la asalkan ade pelamin ade tempat duduk ade decor sikit sana sini. the things i dont like about the pelamin were 1) it was too small la (knowing the size of my family barks (i would say branches la but my family mcm besar so barks la LOL!) confirm takleh muat on the platform kalau nak bergambar and berposing and 2) the loveseat is literally a loveseat. the tempat menyandar was a heart shape thingy so corny I dun like at all. which guy will want to choose that? -___-

b) why y’all like DJs who talk non-stop and non-sense. eeee! posted this status on my facebook

2013-03-04 11.18.51

but oni 6 likes so i guessed 5,179,994 like noisy DJs emcee-ing their wedding la. IMHO, guests attend weddings to enjoy the food and mingle around with the hosts, relatives and friends and not to listen to lame jokes and answer ever lame-r riddles. and dun get me started on loud obnoxious DJs, those who play music and speak/talk too loud. mcm tertelan microphone like dat.

c) i’ve storied these dunno how many times already but i MAY include a dress code in my wedding invitation cards. why must wear skirts la, sleeveless tops la, nyonya kebaya tops with skinny jeans la?! whats wrong with wearing traditional malay bajus when attending weddings when you’re a malay girl. whats wrong with wearing …


this, a baju kurung or …


this, a baju kebaya modern pendek?

kan lebih feminine and sopan? agree tak? (padahal nak selit daun attach own pictures hahahah!!) i mean you are attending someone’s event full of relatives and friends and you dont want to attract unnecessary attentions or make the hosts uncomfortable. please respect that its a MALAY wedding afterall. lain la matsalleh ke ching chong nye wedding korang nak pakai ape pakai la.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Sightings

  1. Totally agree on the dj part… Hahaha… I think even if u put dress code on the card, i dun think ppl will notice it anyway… Taruk bouncer kat wedding ah… Haha… Asal ade org pakai semberono aje bouncer boleh suruh duduk kat bus stop… Kwang kwang kwang

    1. Hahaha!! U know, sometimes i wish ppl respect that it is a malay wedding and dress sopan-ly. Ramai yg ade relatives yg middle aged n older ma if npk kan tak manis.

      And dj2 memekak, klau boleh nak stapler mulot dorg. Bising!

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