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question! *ala ala Destiny’s Child Independent Woman katakan*

why must brides-to-be keep long hair for their wedding day? give me one good reason why and i will consider not trimming my lion’s mane.

the usual response i will get from my mama and makciks alike is “kan lawa klau pengantin rambut panjang…”

APA! KALAU BRIDES-TO-BE POTONG RAMBUT OR TERBOTAK TAK LAWA KE? I dont like that kind of typical makcik2 answer ok.

here are 2 examples of short/medium-length curly hairstyles for brides i found online.

bridal-hairstyles-short-curly Short_Curly_Wedding_Hairstyle bridesmaid-hair-curly-2-344x442

kan lawa, ape yg tak lawa pun tak tahu. maybe not the norm in malay bridal hairstyles but still look ladylike also ma, not totally boyish if brides were to cut their hair before their big day. anyways, long or short hair, mak andams will sure use wigs on your head so no difference correct or not.


8 thoughts on “Woes-Hair

    1. Jarang becos most mak andam pakaikan wig. I think they can oni work with long hair la. I bilang my mum i nak trim my ends pun tak boleh padahal wedding lagi one yr plus. She act mcm hair tak grow gitu -__-

  1. heylo babe! heh. i think trimming is fine kalau trim, rambut will grow faster, I THINK. heh. anyways, im sure the mak andam will be able to work with both short and long hair. 😉

    1. thats wat i think oso, trimming makes ur hair grown faster and oso trim off the dry ends at the same time ma. my hair vair curly, for my engagement my mak andam ask me to iron strait my hair. sad 😦 hope this time she will be willing to work with curly hair la.

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