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Dear my fellow lovely Brides-To-Be (cheh mcm nak angkat je satu2 LOL!)

when are you ladies planning to do your henna or have your henna night? one day before? two days before?


15 thoughts on “Henna

  1. two days before! my wedding’s on saturday, and i’m doing my henna on thursday night. my friends tell me usually brides will apply two days before because it has something to do with the henna only darkening two days after application.

    1. OH! i was thinking 1 day before. but 1 day before mcm skejap eh? and u will feel cacat becos u cannot do anythin. my mum said do one day before but at nite. mcm like too short the timing for the henna to darken.

      1. i also thought about doing 1 day before previously but bila pikir balik, like you said, nanti you will be “cacat” and feel “cacat”, cannot move your hands and feet too much, even worse if you pakai to tidur overnight, lagi tido tak lena.

        personally i’d rather apply it two days before so the day before the wedding i can (try to) chill out, and move, duduk and tido comfortably

  2. Mine’s 2 days before as well! Good in case last minute things come up the 1 day before the wedding. Takut kene lari sana sini dgn henna yg belum kering hahah

    1. nanti lari2 mcm Edward Scissorshand hahaha!! abit kekok. hmmm maybe shud keep a day before nikah free mane tahu ade emergencies yg kene di-settle. thank u for ur opinion!

  3. For me, i thought of 2-3 days before… I believe i will need that last day before i nikah to run around mcm pengantin gila to make sure everything goes smooth… I’m one irritating perfectionist sometimes… Hahah

      1. I’m taking SyraSkins. Yes, it’s true about minyak kapak they say… But since mine is on Wed night, I won’t apply any minyak kapak. It will self darken itself. Just hope it doesn’t fade pulak eh…!

      2. Im taking Syraskins too. But have not confirmed yet cos I mite need to change day and time. i reserved morning on the day before nikah day and my mum marah :S she said need to keep dat day free for last min errands.

      3. You really won’t know what will happen the last min. Do 2 nights before your nikah… Better call them up quick to change your slot, else you’re stuck with the current one. But it’s entirely all up to you…

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