vendors who dont reply versus vendors who take their time replying. which is better?

if your first choice vendor does not reply, do you move on and contact your second and third choice vendors or do you wait for your first choice to reply?

*insert emoji mengeluh here* x 100


14 thoughts on “Woes-Vendors

  1. i usually skip the slowwwwwwwww replies vendors even though i like them alot. Bcos i think its the 1st hand service to show that they are prompt to your queries. But then again, give them a benefit of doubt. max 1 week…thats it! move! šŸ™‚

    1. i agree with this! for me, it really depends on how much i really like the vendor ah. if i like them sama rata then i will give 1 week max then skip to the next vendor. (i also take into account the day i send out my enquiry – kalau my enquiry was sent on a Saturday or Sunday, i usually give extra 2 or 3 more days of waiting)

      do you ask for quotes and availability from different vendors at one shot? if you’re currently not doing that, you might want to ask from all of them satu kali gus so sambil sambil tunggu your 1st choice vendor to reply, at least you know the quotes and availability for the other vendors. might be able to help you decide whether to tunggu as well!

      1. 1st vendor replied me on Mar 13 and i replied on Mar 15 to change my date and time but until today no reply. so am i impatient or are they inefficient ?

        2nd vendor replied with availabilty on my date already. but i cant reply to her cos 1st vendor haven get back to me regarding the change of time and date.

        so kira both ade availability on my dates but i cant reply to either becos 1st vendor hv not get back to me šŸ˜¦ takot nanti terhengeh-hengeh both not available.

    2. i ni very impatient tau. hahah! (like who isnt rite, when it comes to wedding planning la) both 1st choice and 2nd choice da reply only that i replied to 1st choice again but up till now 1st choice tak reply. go ahead with 2nd choice and book terus? aisey, so setressss!

      1. hmmm i usually give vendors some time kalau emails are sent on fridays or weekends because must bear in mind they might be busy prepping for weddings…

        since they might be catching a breather or catching up on other admin stuff today (which is a monday), you might want to call the 1st vendor up tomorrow if you really cannot wait for their reply, since the situation you’re in calls for urgency?

      2. For me its a kind of an urgency becos both ade slot for my date but i want the 1st choice. If 1st choice cannot by any reasons change my date and time at least i can liaise with the sec one to book them right away. If satu slow then tak dpt reply to both.

      1. A lot of photography vendors are like that babe! Geramz sey. One of them, I nak schedule meet up asap, dia kasi I date a month later. GRRR!

      2. Isyaemika..ehem sorry menyampuk awak nya convo, saya nak bela sikit photography vendors sebab i’m friends with some of them ..sometimes their schedule memang really jam packed. Photographers need to travel for overseas shoot, do preweddings, newborn or other shoots on weekdays so that explains the time lag. Lain lah kalau henna vendor, jarang kita dengar henna vendor travel for overseas event or henna vendor weekday pakaikan inai for random people (unless they have a shop in little india lah). So chill kay, don’t hate on the pgs šŸ™‚

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