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Meet The Parents Session

On Sunday afternoon, i had a meeting with my FILS, my parents and my fiancé and Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Since we are planning and executing (chehhh!) a combined wedding, we need both parties’ opinions and ideas ma and thank god, his parents are okay with our planning so far. The good thing is that they leave all the planning to us and just update them from time to time (jgn dorang disagree last minute sudah eh)

Catering: need to/must have a little bit of Indonesian accent cos his dad is an Indonesian and that makes him a half-Indo Mat. So we need to ask whether our choice caterer can bring it some Indonesian taste if not kene order from outside vendors. Tu pun klau ade.

Favours for guests: 2 sets of different favours for 2 sets of parents’ relatives and friends. Good idea la so my fiance kena source favours himself. Takkan smua akuuuu aje 😛

DJ/Entertainment: his mum only concern is that, DJ doesn’t talk so much and nonsensically (if there is such a word) and don’t make guests feel uncomfy.

All in all, everything went well la. No disagreements and arguments in between PHEW!

Ok la that’s all, meeting adjourned.


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