Woes-Vendors Part Deux

Remember my post about vendors taking their time replying

Now the problem is that, when first choice vendor (FCV) did not confirm change of time and date after 1-2 days of emailing her, I hopped to my second choice vendor (SCV) and told her that I agreed to take her services and asked her what’s the procedure after that and of course she too took quite a while to reply. Today I received an email confirming my date and time has been changed from FCV and of course (kata first choice ma, so straightaway agree la) I told her I will transfer the deposit by tonight to secure everything and guess what la after lunch I checked my email and surprise2! SCV replied saying that I need to transfer a booking fee to secure my date. She said Hi Shahirah!! (so enthusiastically some more)

So amacam cakap sekarang eh? Nak kene reject SCV nicely la ni macam.


Haizzz, manyak susah leh.

2 thoughts on “Woes-Vendors Part Deux

  1. I am experiencing the same problem babe. I texted my first choice photographer but to no reply. It’s been 3 days I think? Then I texted my second choice, he replied instantly! Howwww.

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