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as a client/customer, i have the right to ask for an amended copy of the invoice. you have made a mistake on the invoice and i asked nicely for an amended copy and you just told me to make changes manually on my copy? where’s the professionalism in your service? in the email, i have clearly stated my full name which you can just copy and paste on the invoice which is not very difficult rite? but instead, you spelled my first name and my father’s name wrongly and when i asked for an amended invoice, you just told me to change myself manually.

i dun think i am being a difficult client. i have my fair share of scoldings from my bosses when i make mistakes on the invoices or financial statements and i will just re-issue amended copies.

is it very difficult to copy and paste and save as pdf then re-send the invoice? i think not. so turned off with her replies that i dont care about my deposit already. like want to jump ship seh.


4 thoughts on “SS

  1. Ish ni betul vendor from hell! Hahaha. Deposit brapa beb?

    Btw to answer your question, i do have an ipad HAHAHAHA TAKDE LINK

    1. 50dollah sahaje (cheh step sahaje padahal 50 da mcm 500 in BTB world LOL!) mintak amended invoice pun susah nak kasi. tak suruh tulis ape, stakat copy n paste n save then send. aduhh~

      kat sini pun nak product placement pe? HAHAHA!!

      1. Adoi..to me babe, buang sudah ni vendor. Kalau psl nama pun leh get it wrong, imagine if (assuming if dia vendor decor) u nak pink decor dia kasi green. Kelaka kepe?!

      2. but its my first choice leh. haiya! ni mcm da leceh and i da half hearted. takot nanti on my actual day dia prangai n buat sembarang. but its not the owner who replied la and i think funny la got 2 ppl who replied me mcm tak consistent if u noe wak amin (what i mean hahahah!)

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