To Flush Mount Or Not?


YAY! finally booked our photography after so much sourcing, researching, comparing (and leceh-ing hahahah!) and we settled for his first choice and my second choice photog which is none other than Bliss Photo+Cinema (in demand ma thats why none other :P)


my first choice was Nazz Elmi but whenever i mentioned that photog, Yan (my fiance) will go “sape seh tu anak?” Astaghfirullah~ and calling himself a camera-enthusiast, he doesnt noe much abt wedding photographers (oh dia tak stalk2 like us BTBs do and he doesnt attend many weddings to know wedding photographers’ names by heart hahaha!)

i have seen NE’s works and i really like his bright and vivid approach on his photos thats why i arrowed him from the start of my wedding planning journey. BUT my dear fiance, being difficult and leceh as usual, keep telling me to source and let him do all the work since he noes more abt photography AHEM! so ok la i let him have his fun but weeks past, takde pun quotations masok. so i emailed my choice photogs and NE and Bliss are some of the few in my list la. Bliss is his first choice so i have both our first choices quotations in my inbox. sadly, i nvr made appt to meet up with NE cos Yan is more inclined to Bliss’s works, he likes vintagey pictures whereas i like bright and happy colour2 pictures.

so we met with Naz from Bliss and Yan being his extrovert self, started talking and asking questions mcm da kenal lama. his first ques when he entered Naz’s place was “bro, rumah bape squarefeet?” HAHAHAHA!! irritating seh. when Naz brought us to his meeting room, i was awed by his works. he briefed us on the package and informed us that he can do vintagey edits as well as bright2 edits and from the moment i saw one of his albums that contained bright2 pictures, i was sold la. so bright so fresh so clean so crisp the pictures la! i suka! LOL!! but Yan wants vintagey pictures alaaa how ni!

New Picture

hahaha! irritating eh whiny face ni.

anyways, im still undecided whether to take the package that includes a flush mount album or not. its a $500 difference seh and also i dont think we have time to take couple2 pictures on both days.


14 thoughts on “To Flush Mount Or Not?

  1. Hi babe! I was deciding between the two packages too. I think the deciding factor for me was the 1hr or 2hr outdoor shoot we will be getting. Flush mount album if you want, can do yourself for a cheaper price I think. In the end, I took the one w/o. hehe. You still have some time to consider kan? Survey for flush mount prices first ah then you can compare πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    1. my fiance said its all up to me cos us girls are more emo abt sentimental values la bla bla bla BUT i takot no time to pose couple2 becos flush mount focus mainly on couple shots.

      im comparing prices at the moment to see if printing ourselves will be cheaper or not or just let do the whole thing for us.

  2. Flush mount is nice but not necessary right? If you have budget constraint, hold off the flush mount first. Biar your majlis jalan lancar, gambar da keluar cantik, then you can always ask him for flush mount afterwards. If not, you can always do flush mount from other cheaper vendors. What matters is you already have the images on DVD. You can decide what you want to do with those pictures after that. Just my 2 cents. πŸ™‚

    1. not necessary la but u noe us girls, kalau boleh smua nak ade smua nak complete. kata sentimental. kan nice to flip thru pics kalau tgh bosan ke tgh emo ke LOL!

      anws i agree with your “biar your majlis jalan lancar, gambar da keluar cantik, then you can always ask him for flush mount afterwards.” mmg true, u mesti nak see how the pictures look like first before terjun kan? thanks for your 2 cents! $2 lagi muai LOL!

  3. Naz place is awesome kan! hehe. i love his office la and his living room. my fiancee also like yours tp lebih tak tau malu, tanpa segan silu asked Naz to bring him around the house because our soon to be house same squarefeet. hahaha.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Betul nye tak segan seh!

      He got ask la bape squarefeet how much all dat and i oso itchy like want to tour his hse cos like urs and like his, our hse all almost the same ma but i malooo πŸ˜› nampak imac pun my fiance tanye. Da tanye takpe, dia boleh recommend new model lagi LOL! (Maklumlah keje at apple authorised store)

      Men arent shy eh, they can talk to a new person like they noe them for sooo long already.

  4. Hey gurl! Just blog-hopping & chanced upon yours πŸ˜‰ i used to blog maybe 8-10yrs ago but now dah malas Lol! Tapi sukaaaaa sekali baca all BTB blogs. Just wanted to say, we have the same wedding date! & fiances with unique-jawa names (mine is Rully Ramdzan Sumbadji) hehehe!

    1. Hello! I pun da stop blogging when creative juices da run out dat time but now tgk byk btb blogs i pun jumped on the wagon balik la. Nasib otak masih boleh function hahahaha! Urs is oso 25-26 Oct? πŸ˜€ ya my fiance is half indo half sg. His dad is pure indo πŸ™‚

      1. Oooppsss salah baca dahh..thot the title of ur entry is ur weddg date hehehe! Mine is gonna be on 15 -16 Mar 2014 πŸ™‚ blurrr sotong lah me Lol!

        Ya..must be pure indo nama gitu..same as fiance’s dad…woot! to unique-javanese names Lol!

        Anyway, have fun planning & God bless πŸ™‚

  5. hello… in my own personal opinion, im not taking the flush mount at the moment.. bcos they will return us the CD of images kan? then in future if i have extra $$ den i send these for flush mount myself la.. cos kalau buat pon mula2 je excited lepas tu buat habuk kan.. hehehe πŸ™‚

    1. i da think and think and think and i dun think (LOL!) im taking flush mount la bcos i noe we wont have time for lovey dovey couple pics as ours is combined, klau boleh all relatives nak amik gambar with us and all that makan masa πŸ™‚

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