The Rejects

Do I need to send a courtesy email to vendors that I “rejected”?

Da tanya banyak soalan, da banyak songeh abeh at last kene reject. macam kesian plak kan.


7 thoughts on “The Rejects

  1. Haha usually I’ll just say I’ll get back again once I have decided to confirm the vendor. So if I don’t get back that means they should know la I’m not interested ready. Heh.

  2. tell them! purely out of courtesy. takut ada misunderstanding. i ever dapat bitchy reply from vendor who obviously stalked my blog and found out i booked someone else before i got the chance to email her HAHAHA BUNGA SIA THAT ONE

    1. *bitchy email from vendor

      technically it wasn’t a reply to anything because that time i haven’t email her yet. belum apa apa, she email me first hwa hwa hwa FREAK

      1. agaknye she wanted some publicity in ur blog tak?

        yes thats rite, takot ade misunderstandings and takot dorg da block my dates, just waiting for me to confirm with them aje.

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