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Another One Booked!


That evening, my parents, my aban (my mum asked him to follow along cos he’s the eldest) and I met up with our first choice caterer over at the FIL’s house for menu discussion. The makcik was late becos she had an appointment at JB and she reached around 10pm, appointment for set at 9pm. But ok la, as the next day is not a working day. Discuss punya discuss punya discuss da nak masok 12 midnight. LOL! Betul pe diskusi.

The makcik explained to us her menu and I realised that her menu is very very VERY extensive and not as basic as what is on her official webbie. Yay! Happy! Have the usual live stations; mee soto, roti kirai, mee siam oso! (maybe im opting for the mee siam live station becos can kill 2 birds with one stone meaning theres mee siam goreng and mee siam kuah! Yay clever! (I noe I sound very excited but dats wat food does to me LOL!) And also, mee siam is not the norm at malay weddings so something new. There is also an assortment of malay kuih muihs and western cakes and pastries too. And there’s ice-cream oso! And tulang or bamia for makan malam nikah, and nikah lunch reception is white rice with various dishes.


konon tgh salivating la tu HAHAHAHA!!!

oh ya, she also explained that her company don’t cook onsite and they have a central kitchen cum factory (which I would like to visit one fine day to see how the ayam masak merah and black pepper prawns are prepared YUM YUM!) and they will deliver the food from time to time accordingly, as they are NEA registered company so hygiene is one of their priorities.

She quoted the current package for us, which is $9 per pax for the basic menu and add-ons are $1 per pax. Yes ah! Wat I like about her packages is that the more pax u are inviting, the lesser the cost per pax. By 1130pm, our caterer is booked but she did not collect our deposit. She explained that it’s up to us whether we wanted to pay her or not. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to pay her the deposit, da withdraw smua just waiting to be handover-ed to her but before I could give her, she pushed it away -___- she oso confidently said that she had given us the invoice with her company name and registration number and if anything were to happen (hope not) all the company’s particulars are stated there. Such confident and strong woman she is. Like like like!

2013-03-23 22.59.35-1

And so wedding caterer, BOOKED!


6 thoughts on “Another One Booked!

      1. Yeah affordable but of course if you want more things then additional la. But mine she didn’t mention ice cream so I guess it’s additional on top of the $9 per pax. Hahaha yes I know that girl from Barney!

      2. yup, if u wanna add-on just top up lo. at least takde fixed like $14 per pax and u get wat u pay for gitu. for Doulath, we can choose wat add-ons we want 😀

    1. on their webbie, they got state 500 pax this amount package. hari tu i nvr ask cos i noe mine confirm above 1K. u mite wanna go check their webbie and message the makcik’s mobile? 🙂

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