My Gu(Ardian) Angel

amcm, my wedding song?

if this is too loud for the makciks2 and pakciks2, ade acoustic version k.


2 thoughts on “My Gu(Ardian) Angel

  1. Babe, I think this song is nice!!!!! Not too loud la compared to what my tunang and I initially wanted for our wedding song..hahahhaha.. I think the words are meaningful too! Go je.. it’s your wedding what..peduli ape org ckp..! hahhaha

    1. i noeeee! when my dad told my emcee, no hard rock, i just stared at him but he stood his ground and said no hard rock. time balik in the car, he told me “you can choose ur song la when u march in” bcos yg dgr mostly the guests ma, i can oni listen to my songs when im physically dere. haiz, sembarang la. i nak selit ni lagu jugak LOL!

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