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I’m On A (Meet The Vendors) Roll


My parents and i (yup just the 3 of us, my fiancé was being fiancé that day) met up with my choice DJ/Emcee for my wedding lunch, it is none other than (one of) the voice of malay radio, Mr AB Shaik himself of Xcluesif Productions (name of his sideline company). Our meeting place was at KFC Siglap. When he confirmed with me the meeting place, i texted him back “Nanti my parents tanya AB Shaik takde office ke?” to which he did not reply for a few hours. i was already WTF did i offend him or something -__-! he did reply later on explaining that his office was once at Malay Village which dah di-robohkan. fuh nasib member tak tersinggung.

Actually ABS was my third choice(?) if im not wrong. Initially i did not want any Emcee, i just wanted a silent DJ who will keep playing songs after songs after songs. but Fiance said “nanti tak meriah seh…” wah wah wah comment aje tahu. Another person i had in mind was Zubir Abdullah and his ensemble. I attended Fiance’s cousin’s wedding and he hosted the event and i like what i see and hear. Nice mixture of Malay and English tunes, his ensemble play live while his wife, daughter and himself sang. Very nice. BUT! My wedding will most likely be held at the voiddeck nanti kesian plak his ensemble main instruments sampai berpeluh pelih. And his package is a wee bit steep.

 so ABS it is! He was his usual funny and clown-y self which made me burst out laughing quite a lot of times in the very quiet KFC until my mama told him not to make me laugh on my wedding day LOL! He also did not push for deposit, he just told me, what I can afford now I just pay him <– dats the deposit. At the end of the meeting, mcm kawan lama seh. Ayah and him talked abt his new car which he recently purchased (maklumlah satu keje Mercedes lagi satu drive Mercedes, no points for guessing who is who la :P) and he blanje-d us wat else KFC 2 piece meals lo. At first the 3 of us malu2 kucing (eh of cos la malu, anyhow accept blanje from ppl) but he said he rarely blanje ppl and that day was our rezeki. Wahh happy me happy tummy.

2013-03-23 22.58.09-1

Yet another one; signed, sealed and delivered. I mean booked! 😛


17 thoughts on “I’m On A (Meet The Vendors) Roll

    1. LOL! u ter-cepat da. ABS quoted me $1550 for using his system and him as Emcee. actually i takot dia ter-becok, u noe how he is on the radio ma, but he’s the life of a party so insyaAllah everything goes well 🙂

      1. steep bcos i think they are celebrity emcees ma, and ABS explained about his systems needs taken care of la like cars need servicing liddat thats why his charges are like so. yala, no matter who our emcees are, all we want is our event to jalan ngn lancar and sempurna 🙂

  1. I love ABS (as in AB Sheikh and also those six-pack abs hahahaha omg kelakar tk)! He is so…… entah eh… lively? I went to a wedding hosted by him before and I was entertained!

    1. ABS for short la katekan, and i love abs too hehehe!:P yes he is very lively! At the meeting, he talk like a normal person not like one big of a deal dude, u noe mcm tak sombong liddat la. And he kept me laughing thruout. Takot plak kan he make me laugh like hyena kat pelamin :S and he doesnt make ppl irritated and rimas with his jokes and kacau2. maybe makcik2 yg suke eh cos asik dgr Warna aje heh!

  2. Hi there, good choice of emcee! Do you mind sharing with me his contact? I’m thinking of engaging him for my wedding as well.. Thanks! 🙂

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