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Bridal Spa


(yay! i appeared in the BH advert! the second last pic if you all are wondering heh!)

ONLY $120 / 150 minutes

1. Lulur Wangi (Body Polish)
2. Dead Sea Masque – Full Body
3. Mandi Bunga (Flower Bath)
3. Royalis Aroma Full Body Massage

CALL 62234498
for enquiries and appointment.

extracted from my aunt’s (ayah’s younger sister) spa FB page. i personally have not tried her spa packages but ive tried the massage/urut and i thoroughly enjoyed it (complimentary ma :P) no, seriously i enjoyed it for a first-timer. the makcik urut massaged all my knots in my muscles and angin out. can hear all the krak kruk krak kruk (adoii baru nak masuk 27 tapi badan mcm 72). i have never gone for an urut before thats why the sounds heh.

i think the Bridal Bliss Ritual is affordable(?) i dunno la, cos i have not sourced for other bridal spa packages. maybe you ladies mite want to consider AR as one of your spa packages you all are looking for.

PS please put Shahirah as your referral eh so my aunt will noe that im spreading the word in BTB world. *padahal dlm hati mintak2 dapat sponsor from my aunt hehehe*

9 thoughts on “Bridal Spa

      1. Oh.. that one.. I think should be the one whose owner is my mom’s friend. That’s your aunt lah kan? Heheh.

        Anyway this is random but I just realised your blog name also sounds like ‘my wet dreams’! As in before this I would read it in my head as ‘my wedding dreams’. Hahahaha naughty eh you…

  1. Anyway forgot to put a question related to your post (rather than its naughty name haha).. I’m interested to go for the spa but probably only closer to my wedding in December.. would the promotional price still be valid then?

    1. Hahahaha!! Playing with the spelling la. Mmg la wet dreams, hanya la dlm mimpi, in reality wedding plans simple2 je.

      The promo price is for first-timers so i think should be applicable(?) Mayb i ask my aunt first la to confirm.

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