Black Or White


for me, of cos COOL la! (even tho not really the tradition cos Black is the colour for/of mourning) cos;
1) Black has a slimming effect (klau tak sempat diet boleh hide babat2 behind the black and also depends on the kain  la); and
2) if ur gown is black, bila part first time makan as hubby and wife, if lets say the lauk tempias ke, the stain wont be that obvious what rite? (me and food, you cant separate us even on my big day :P)

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aaahhh!!! the first 2 soooo lawa!!! if pair with jet black hair and fair skin, OMG wowwww ~~~

BUT, of cos, must cover the shoulder with a shawl or something la takot kene jeling by the mother and the makcik2 babe! LOL!


4 thoughts on “Black Or White

  1. I like the 2nd one best because it has a nice mix of mystery and feminity.. and no ruffles.. I’m so much shorter than so many brides out there so I cannot afford to have ruffles cos I’ll visually drown in them! But I think you can pull a black dress off.. with short hair too! So unique.. 🙂

    1. Unique for us yg ehem modernised but not so unique for our mothers. Bcos of us, tradition lari jauh2. Hehehe!! I hope my bridal has a collection of dark gowns. Very classic, u can nvr go wrong with dark colours 🙂

    1. Look so soft n flowy eh even tho black. Nak pakai black cos slimming effect n can mkn lebih2 bile time lunch as hubby n wife for the first time 😛 i hope my wedding mth is a cool month

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