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Ratu Wedding’s Upcoming Showcase

for BTBs who are planning to take Ratu Weddings as one of their vendors, you ladies are in for a treat seh!


(Sidenote: RW’s new Sanggul Lintang is really very nice. initially i told mama i dowan to wear sanggul lintang as i dun favour their old ones but then i see their new uploads, i change my mind :P)

2013-04-05 11.42.54

2013-04-05 11.43.44

$2000 discount off full package?!

2013-04-06 19.58.11

i really dun like it when this happens seh. in words of my Fiance “ahh kan, sape suruh you book siang2?” i’ve already booked Ratu Weddings for my andaman back in May 2012 during the last Singapore Expo showcase. then, i got a $200 discount off one of their basic andaman package which consisted of 3 bajus, makeup and other freebies (which i totally forgot, have to get back with my mak andam on this). $200 is ok considering their basic package was above $2K and i got it for below $2K 🙂

moreover, when i was at their showcase, Kak Yatee mentioned that Ratu Weddings are not regular showcasers (if there is such a word) like if they feel like it, or ehem! generous, they will have a showcase. and it’s been like what, not even a year abeh ade new showcase already -____- not my luck la i think.

OK LA OK LA, i shall stop being too emo about my andaman la (masih bitter ni sighhh).

anyways, from my stalking and research, i noe Ratu Weddings collaborated with other vendors; Adam’s Corner and Nour Weddings for their catering package and decor package respectively.



Source: Nour Weddings

soo, if you ladies wish to be treated like a Ratu on your upcoming wedding, be sure to visit Ratu Weddings next week at Singapore Expo. i mite just drop by to kepo2 (and because ade food tasting heheheh) 😛 hahaha! tak puas hati eh.


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