yesterday’s wedding emcee/entertainment was the loudest, most obnoxious one to date. urgh! tolong la takmo engage dorang. so rude sia seriously. i practically have to shout to my brother who was sitting right beside me. and tak perlu eh joget2 kat depan pelamin. orang yang tak pekak boleh jadi pekak and orang yang da pekak makin pekak seh.

a wedding shud not resemble a party please. Club-level volume during the reception will frustrate older family members (and even younger ones) and make it impossible for your guests to talk to one another.

When tgh coordinating the playlist with your DJ/Emcee, be sure to give input on volume for the various transitions: low for chatting during lunch/dinner reception, loud for the wedding march or final song.
please be considerate to your guests and also neighbours (for those weddings kat voiddeck) tahu la korang nye wedding (standard alasan “aku peh wedding aku peh pasal uh!”) but please be mindful of your surroundings and respect your parents as it is their majlis afterall (it may be your wedding day but its their majlis) and guests (and save their ears).

d-_-b <– emoticon pakai earmuffs.

BUT!, nasib dorg nye catering sedap. oklah not sedap SEDAP but sedap la.


Catering by Fazana Catering.

dun terpranjat tgk my plate eh (yes dats my plate up dere) i loveeee jemputan food la but a bit bummed cos no ayam masak merah FAVOURITE DOK! ;9 but nemind, ade giant udangs so i very happy. heh!

17 thoughts on “Noisy

    1. As usual cannot put here! Takot klau takde BTB yg google nak cari review sekali my wp popped up, die man 😛 will email u! pastu boleh diskusi balik kat sini LOL!

      1. Bagus jugak you kena all the weirdos babe! Boleh bagi kita warning! Btw I dah check out their FB page! Gmbr diorg at Expo nmpk macam ‘happening’ ah!

      2. I jugak attract weirdo vendors LOL! Happening best ke happening ter over? To me they were just too loud. At least expo nye floor area is very big, noise can spread. Yest was bawah blk, noise bounced off every pillars seh.

  1. lol yesterday also i makan macam budak gemuk kat wedding fewstolenseconds. I took a photo of my plate and my boy was quick to defend himself and said “eh you must say this is YOUR portion okay not mine. later people think i gelojoh” HAHAHAHHA SO YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY BIG EATER HERE

    1. Hahahaha!! I went to said wedding with my family and my servings are always bigger than my bros. i dun care cos i loveee (some) jemputan food. Make sure urs ade ayam masak merah k? (Chehh tak tahu malu hahaha!!) Slurrppp!

      1. Bolehhh no problem. But i’m two weeks before you, you boleh datang with your mat tak? takut pantang….or is it lagi suka datang sendiri sebab leh makan 2 orang punya share? HAHAHAHA

      2. Oh ya alamak!!! Hope my parents kasi leeway just to meet kejap for jemputan food. Free loader seh, org dtg nak kasi well wishes, i dtg tahu nk makannn aje.

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