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Fiesta Pengantin Perdana 2013


dragged mama and ayah to the above event on its first day just to look see look see and also kepo2 at Ratu Weddings’s booth becos i noe that they will be showcasing their decor and there is also food tasting available but that day no have!!!  *whiny emoji* maybe on weekends ade lah. ok whiny mood aside, when i saw their latest decor, i was mesmerised la. not that their old collection is not nice but they did not meet my taste but Kak Lis of Nour Weddings da up her standards la.

wait i show you ahh…


nice kan?!! i like big big flower as backdrops la. photos grabbed from Kak Lis’s FB.

another one that caught my eyes was Amani’s decor.


both Amani and ISs Wedding (a decor company) are in the midst of merging BUT i am not sure when it was finalised but judging from the colours on their showcase, it looked like ISs’s design eh (nampak sah byk stalking seh LOL!)

before we left, we had dinner there since ada makan2 jugak HEH cari chan. since it was a weekday, the place wasnt packed and it was relatively easy to find seats. me and mama settled for roti kirai and ayah, some mee goreng which was fried on the spot but a bit too salty for us. i told mama mesti ni makcik2 thinking of kahwin2 since surrounded by kahwin2 booths hahahaha!


$4.50 for 3 pieces of roti kirai. not bad~

anyways, the main reason for me wanting to menyebok at the exhibition even tho most of my vendors have already been booked was that i wanted to check with Kak Nora of RW (my choice mak andam) about my bridal package which i booked last May, to see whether i was entitled to any freebies or not. she took out their 2014 file and i got the chance to see my form (sengaja nak check to see my dates da updated ke belum HEH) and guess wat seh, i was entitled to free henna and free hand bouquet.



and i already transferred the booking fee of $50 to SyraSkins.
how now brown cow?!

i relayed to Kak Nora my problem and she discussed with Kak Yatee (the owner) to see if i can exchange my free henna with something else but sadly and unfortunately cannot!!! le sigh~ so either i forfeit my deposit with SyraSkins and go with RW’s free henna or as Kak Nora said, it can be passed on to a family member. but the thing is, even tho among relatives pun, if one gets, the rest will tanya2 why they never get.

my woes are never-ending eh.


10 thoughts on “Fiesta Pengantin Perdana 2013

  1. Hmm maybe you can ask Syraskins to give you henna party only and not bridal henna for you? If I’m not wrong the henna party (for 5 people and above) would be about the same price as the bridal henna. That way can give the henna to more than just one person. No harm trying your luck asking Syra…

    1. actually i tot of forfeiting my henna with SS bcos of the mistake they made on my invoice and refused to give me an amended one. i still thinking about it tho since i like SS’s works too much 😛 IF i were to forfeit i can save the rest of the henna fund.

  2. Hey babe! im forfeiting mine with SS. hee, no doubt her works are really detailed and very nice. But when i think back, the costs she charged for the henna is too expensive!

    Im going for saheli now 🙂 cheaper and transport all inclusive for only 100$ (promo that time, any design of arm length, wirst length)

    1. hello! ya, mayb i am inclining towards RW now since i am entitled to free henna and that means i can save the balance of $130. i really like SS’s designs no doubt abt that but then again, its oni henna.

  3. You buat extra inai lor. RW buat hands and feet, SS buat kat your back ang kong dragon HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PENGANTIN METROPOLITAN

  4. oh man, what a dilemma… but if i were you i’d go for the free one and forfeit the SS deposit leh.. at least can save the rest of the henna fund!

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