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DIY Your Wedding Dress


have you BTBs ever thought of DIY-ing your wedding dress? tailor-made dresses are normal cos i know of some BTBs (from my extensive stalking, err i mean, reading) who are having their nikah baju tailor-made to their own taste and size but DIY-ing? something new eh?

since i am uninspired to blog about my own wedding, i will just share some DIY tips on how to design your own wedding gown/dress which i found online while surfing and bloghopping 😀

1) The Silhouette


i think i am an A-Liner or the Empire since my bontot quite big after gaining so much post-engagement LE SIGH~~

2) The Neckline


takde round neck ke? LOL! im not used to showing off my shoulder area so a bit shy2 la.

3) The Waistline


the all time favourite- The Empire. Hands down and up and all over la.

4) Sleeve Style


strapless would be the best choice la but me being me, nvr worn anything that expose my shoulder area.

5) The Back
*i’m bringing sexy back~~~*


i would choose Closed back of cos.

and last but not the least…

6) The Train


safest choices would be not more than 6 feet long la. nanti orang yg escort kita terpijak pijak kat blakang LOL!

i hope that those who are planning to design and tailor or even DIY her wedding dress find these charts useful. Happy drawing loves!


5 thoughts on “DIY Your Wedding Dress

  1. oh thank you!!! this is useful for me! something to start me off – i’m playing with the idea of getting my mum to sew my dress for the photoshoot because i cannot find anything i like with my budget for the photoshoot dress. yay!

    1. Wah best nya ur mum nak sew kan! So lucky! But dun plan to trash the dress la, wait your mum nampak what used to be her hard work nanti mcm sedih plak kan. Have fun designing!! (confirm colours bright2 nye) 😀

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