The Roving Eye


Dear my fellow BTBs,

Do/would you mind paying a little bit more for a roving photographer? One who captures priceless moments, expressions, backgrounds, foregrounds and even inanimate objects?

Your main photographer concentrates on you, the bride, the star of the show. But would you want another person to take pictures of your event, your guests and their expressions, your food, your decor and everything that is happening around you?

Please do share your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “The Roving Eye

  1. I thought of that. But my main photographer already told he me he’s gonna be hiding belakang tembok, etc, and shooting here and there. Da macam main Modern Warfare, sembunyi2 and shoot2. hahaha. But he’ll pause when it comes to taking the standard family shots.

    1. i thought abt this for quite awhile already cos most wedding albums takde behind-the-scene pics so i tot i wanna engage one photog who will just concentrate on that. but i must be willing to fork out money la. haiya~

  2. I get your POV, you want someone to shed a light on your surroundings, sharing your spotlight – else semua gambar muka you kan! Hahahahha. But don’t worry, if you picked the right photographer (which I know you did!), they’ll be versatile enough to capture as much of the ambience as a whole as he can 🙂

    Alternatively, kalau nak buat backup plan, macam i…hahaha..i’m planning to get a friend (who takes awesome photos but not a professional photographer) to be around sebok sebok with the crowd, event and my idea of a photobooth 🙂 Maybe you find someone on your end that fits this description?

    1. correct!! takkan my muka and FH nye muka aje 😛 flip wedding album tak abis2 muka kita. i nak behind-the-scene pics tu but i scared my main photog penat lari sana sini layankan karena bride n groom, makcik2, pakcik2 yg nak amik gambar 😛

      i got discuss with my tunang la, i think hes getting his friend to do it but knowing him, dia belum sound tu friend. takut last min nanti dorg tanak be our roving photog macam mane.

  3. I would just get one good photog to save on cost. BUT I am getting two photogs for my wedding haha. Contradicting kan. Because the first photog we chose was on impulse and comes with his all-in-one package. So instead of omiting him from the package and get just a small amount of money back, we decided to get another photog. So okay la one can take us one can take details.

    1. wahh at least u da confirm have 2 photogs. unlike me i oni have 1 main one. if nak count on my bros and relatives nanti pictures wont turn out to be as “pro” as i want them to be, blur sane sini, ter-cut kepala la hahahaha!

  4. Hmm never thought about it before and I think it’s a good idea 😉 although my tunang wouldn’t let me splurge on another photographer but maybe on a relative who we can trust to do it for us occasionally? Cos I don’t want so many “behind the scenes pics” sikit dah okay for me

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