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I Cinta Chenta Weddings

i belum puas look see look see and merengek when look see look see the decor designs in Malaysia by Chenta Weddings, first blogged by our president of Kakak-Kakak Kahwin Network (LOL!) here, she went and post yet another wedding decor vendor from across the causeway here.



ok, back to CW. these are some of the designs i like from them. can see the pattern that Malaysian brides like bright bright colours eh?




262935_403761716345315_1123714041_n 403989_405460676175419_837100496_n 251876_375156212539199_1237287099_n

536319_363471713707649_562707706_n 320255_237826432938845_1468797337_n 389149_241491192572369_1419069162_n

ermmm maybe i shud stop posting so many, cant help it la so lawa and bright and colourful and happy-looking!!!

New Picture

anyways, aaaaah ni baru betul my WET oops! i mean WED dreams (HEH!) seh.


8 thoughts on “I Cinta Chenta Weddings

    1. Oh ya fattah lives across the causeway!! OMG u can haz a mesia-n wedding too seh. Summore dere cheap2 and byk land. Takya think so much abt venues LOL! Any ladang2 or open spaces the vendors (hopefully) sure can accommodate. But why may or may not?

      1. Awww.. No worries. I stumbled upon your blogpost and figured, “why not?”. 😉
        insya’Allah someday dearie.. Do keep praying for us. I’ve always wanted to make a comeback to my tanahair Singapura.. 🙂

        Sarah Abd Rahim
        Chenta Weddings

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