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Wed Dreams: Rainbow Wedding

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I was looking for the Tiffany blue colour code and was brought to a page with the colour palette above named Rainbow Wedding. instantly i googled Rainbow Weddings and…

Rainbow Wedding Theme Before the Big Day Wedding Blog UK rainbow1 rainbow-wedding

some of the inspiration boards which popped up after the search. and come to think of it, i have yet to come up with an inspiration board for my own wedding. heh. as i googled more and more, i thought, maybe i should search section by section, meaning Decor, Cakes, Dress and such and look what i found laaa *whining*


9dceeddec3776940b2fd8cbca4c8aec5 38e518359b52a0e0349fd7cd1ae7b604 Albert-Palmer-Photography-Matara-Centre-Jen-Ben-135


50f162c11af2e0ce73840ebef0851739 622dc2d26aafd4517165196528f5a9ec 1760ffb90c508c11610a609b56c4f7f1 a41294bb6c7fa293cbac2e21ee6098ef


W022_103_lowres_660 colorful-bridesmaids-1 b616cae85446f60ceeddd01342968fff

SO PRETTY!!! now i wish i can haz bridesmaids LE SIGH kuat2~~

rainbow-wedding-groom-groomsmen-shoes 83e9b6a71d33bad981250100372d10b6 1bf65778bf72ec14c6cc04feeefa94ee Groom-Rainbow

awesome kan? Groomsmen are most subtle, white or grey over colours.



RW boleh custom-make for me tak ya think? LOL!


this reminds me of paddlepop ice cream, SUPER DUPER YUMMY!

1fe66344964d0812cf41d981674e4c49 Albert-Palmer-Photography-Matara-Centre-Jen-Ben-054 4a7b028b46fe8e19e5486dc4454e05e4 shoes

even the rainbow heels are gorgeous siaaa.
asal la my bakal ni a few cms taller je, if not i can have my pick of the many wedding high heels ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


56bd8a928a31e7529676a6ff100a90a6 69b3f3504dfc563d503b59d2c987aea5 rainbow-wedding-bouquets-off-beet-productions

so colour2!!!


d7d4801bce17897d4d6939fbfeebc70a tumblr_m696poDwhz1qg59s6o1_400

so pretty i wouldnt wanna eat them!


designall (1) designall (2) designall (3) designall (4) designall

LOL!! semangat eh buat mock-up of cards. lawa sehh, simple yet colourful.

i am not really into the traditional white or pastel-y weddings, i like “In-Your-Face” colours, like Boom!, Wham!, Pow! andย honestly, i have no idea on what theme i should execute for my big day. i love bright2 colours so much maybe i should consider a Rainbow Wedding ๐Ÿ™‚


29 thoughts on “Wed Dreams: Rainbow Wedding

  1. the first time saliheen and i met KS, we told them we wanted a rainbow wedding!!! but alas now kita change plan because we’re too obsessed over the fact that it will not clash with our venue colours ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    go go goooooooooo with the idea, i want to see malay wedding with rainbow rainbow!

      1. wat is the colour of ur venue? not white? lucky my bawah block off-white colour and i hope the boys of KS can fulfill my (wet LOL!)dreams if i were to really want a colour2 wedding ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. no, not white ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    the boys of KS should be able to fulfill your (wet LOL!!!) dreams of a rainbow wedding because they didn’t say ‘no’ to it when we asked them. they said Insya Allah! woot woot

    1. ni la terlampau “free” sgt in the office smpi sempat do mock ups ๐Ÿ˜› i like the last one best heh! i oso no bridesmaids, i oni hv 2 gfs and both are married with babies takkan nak ask them to pikul their babies while running errands for me. le sighhh~~

  3. Eh i bleh jadi your bridesmaid pe!!! Hahahahaha sumpah tak tau mahu tahap tak pernah dikecapi manusia biasa

      1. Actually i tak paham yg part Tak tahu mahu so i diam aje hahahaha!!
        Lemme weight the pros n cons of having bridesmaids then i get back to u? LOL!

    1. Aww thank u babe! :))
      So colour2 eh, if oni i cud break tradition and go all out with a rainbow themed wedding. Lets see ehhh ๐Ÿ˜›
      And ya, i was too “free” padahal keje berlambak dlm office tadi abeh boleh sempat buat mock ups heh!

      1. Haa babe you should try!!! And if you really have a rainbow-themed wedding, can I self-invite/crash your wedding (MUKA TAK TAU MALU) just to see. Please?? hahahaha

      2. dun worry kita BTBs mmg tak malu, self invite la nak jadi bridesmaid la (jgn marah hahhh ms eleventhoctober :P). insyaAllah boleh and i hope i hav enuf creative juices to do up a colourful wedding!

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