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First picture is my voiddeck where I am planning to hold my wedding InsyaAllah.

 The voiddeck itself is very spacious and I’m planning to pasang tentage at the outside area so I’m bringing my wedding out also, maximise the location kan?

 BUT! Currently my block is having the lift upgrading program and is ongoing at stage 2 only (as shown in second and last pictures). Their completion date will be the 4th quarter of this year.

 Hopefully can finish following their designated completion date and doa banyak2 takde other “works” the garmen is planning to do at my voiddeck, if not da kena think of alternatives which is so LECEH!


7 thoughts on “Venue

  1. oooooh this is such a good and spacious void deck!!! ni yang selalu ada budak taekwondo or budak silat punya training or something kan??? the outside area is super useful for space extension, pls. so lucky!

    insya Allah there will be no other renovation works and you’ll get this as your venue, babe 😀

    1. yes on thurs nite memekak-mekak bwh my block LOL!
      YES VERY SPACIOUS klau i book luar oso. but u noe wat, my mum nak try tanye TC whthr the open space kat busttop (yg salu ade movie nite) boleh use for wedding tak, dat one more spacious! 😀
      insyaAllah i hope so too cos i tanak pening lalat think abt alternatives!

      1. omg that open space kat busstop is besar lah pls!!! that’s a good idea! kalau you all dapat space tu, dah boleh bukak pasar malam sekali seh gitu hehehe

      2. very besar hor!! if its within my budget i terjun seh!! boleh pasang dome khemah so nice! 😛 tapi its rite smack in the middle takot jadi nuisance plak kan cos org2 lain nak jln kene detour. but, kita enquire dulu! 😀

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