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Wish Upon A Photobooth

Initially i didnt want a photobooth bcos “you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” and some of them do charge the guests if they want a copy of the photographs for themselves (which i feel, ape seh, takkan dorg nak kene bayar at my wedding kan).

i really gave this photobooth thought a really good thinking, nak ke tak nak, is it important or not, is it want or a need.

as our wedding is a combined one, our guests will be there at one venue and they will mingle2 among their relatives and friends and while waiting for the bride and groom to datang or siap2, obviously they have to find something to do rite, besides mingling and eating (takkan nak makannnn aje, klau me lain cerita la LOL!) so after giving so much thought, i said “wth, just go for it la, at least our guests have something to do instead of just eating and mingle2 and lepak2”

so the photobooth vendor i picked is Wishing Wand! ๐Ÿ™‚


i did recce the many vendors the industry has to offer now but what i like about WW is that they have


a big backdrop (which some vendors takde) and the owner, Raodah said she can customise according to our choice colours/theme :),


a (customised according to our choice colours/theme too) photo sleeve (which i rarely see at photobooths)ย for guests to keep together with their free photographs (WW do not charge our guests) of cos and they use a DSLR to take the photos (some vendors use polaroid cameras and i dun find them worth the money bcos photos turn out small).

at first i wanted to take their Sprinkle Fun package with consist of 200 images but Raodah advised to instead take the Unlimited Dazzling Fun packages becos she has encountered in the past that the former package is not enough for a combined wedding cos almost everyone would like to have their pictures taken and she felt bad for rejecting the guests.


the package that i booked.

the price is a bit steep la and she noticed my hesitation LOL! which i dint noe was so obvious so she offered me their promo package price at their last event WHEEE SO HAPPY!


another one booked!


2 thoughts on “Wish Upon A Photobooth

    1. They only have 2 packages currently. One is the unlimited one which i took and the other is the Sprinkle one. Both same except for the number of photos. Sprinkle only offers 200 photos ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this helps!

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