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Backdrop Ideas

since my photobooth vendor said she will try as much as she can to customise our backdrops and photojackets to follow our wedding theme, i may have some suggestions and ideas for her.


macam senang eh, just use strips of coloured papers, make them into rings and fasten each rings together to make the paper chain.


black and gold kilat2, not bad~


a more complicated version of paper fans.


paper flowers/blossoms(?)


Rainbow-style backdrop.

as much as i want a Rainbow themed wedding, if tak fully rainbow-nised, sikit2 pun jadi la kan. HEH! anyways, i found a great DIY project for backdrops (sudah jangkit my fellow DIY BTBs agaknye) here!

you’ll just need some tinsel garlands (dose kind we use as Bunga Manggar but without the stick so they are just in their lembik form), a rod or pole, and some thin wire!


tie as many strands(?) of garland on your pole or rod, as many as ur pole can fit la and the final product …


easy peasy lemon squeezy kan?
i dun think it will cos that much to purchase the garland (i dunno la cos i haven recce yet). klau gini senang, i dun mind DIY-ing my own backdrop, in rainbow colours no less!

New Picture

nice rite!!! 😀

another idea of a backdrop is this …

320255_237826432938845_1468797337_nthe backdrop of a pelamin by the awesome Chenta Weddings! just some colourful paper fans to pretty up a plain backdrop.

Wishing Wand, please grant my photobooth backdrop wish (LOL! pun intended)


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