May Day Menu

not exactly a wedding-related post but it is somewhat related becos it concerns my cooking abilites when I move out from my parents’ home and into my own home.

for some reason, i am inspired to be a domestic goddess ala Nigella Lawson, Laura Vitale, Monique of Divas Can Cook and other DGs as seen on TV or YouTube after watching them do their thang(!!!). furthermore, life will be much easier when you are away from your mama and know how to cook on your own already kan?

the day before, we cooked up some Nasi Lemak as we had leftover sambal and my little bro da sound “ingat masak Nasi Lemak” cos ade fish kecik2 tu. my mama pun cair, dengar kata2 anak 😛

330201323169 3302013231640did not arrange my food artistically because it was past 9-10pm and i was too hungry already.

and yesterday, we cooked Mee Soto and i made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies and some Apple Turnovers. cookies and turnovers were inspired by Laura V herself. been wanting to make some recipes from her after following her online years ago and yesterday was my chance!
42201301628Mee Soto! the bagedil is the instant kind though HEH!
422013015571) ingredients
2) filling
3) End product – Apple Turnovers

Whoever invented the puff pastry should be given awards everyday. -Laura V.

next up, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.
422013014381) before going into the oven
2) after baking
3) all set to be eaten

da mcm hari raya eh? LOL!

#shahirrrahinthekitchen, #myfianceisaluckychap


8 thoughts on “May Day Menu

    1. nanti badan pun mcm cake, wedding cake, ade tier lagi (berlapis-lapis HAHAHAH!!!)

      fine dining mane kenyang, men like real food like nasi and lauk2. ok la tak mahal sgt mcm steak or lobster 😛

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