DIY: Cupcake Bouquet

while you girls were harping about discussing brooch bouquets la, ribbon bouquets la, satin bouquets la, i found a different kind of bouquet which we are not really accustomed to (i think), which also can be one of the items on your dessert bar or gift trays. it’s an edible Cupcake Bouquet! *trust me to find something that is edible eh? LOL!*

How-to-Make-a-Cupcake-Bouquet1so cute rite? shape of a vase with cupcake as bouquets.
DIY tutorial can be found here!

have fun baking girls! 


14 thoughts on “DIY: Cupcake Bouquet

  1. I’m curious, camana nak angkat benda ni bawak jalan2? And pls eh. Belom pape, bride’s mulut dah comot dengan frosting! Hahaha

  2. i will so end up eating those cupcakes. or worst, throw it in the face of irritating people who criticizes details of my wedding! hahahahaha. :p

      1. HAHA! Ahhh.. lebih kurang gitu ah. orang yang cakap banyak pun macam erm.. benda2 yang Angry Bird hit kan. HAHAH! -covers mouth-

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