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Hey peeps.  Back in office after 2days mc. Bummer. Thought I could use the 2days break from some wedding work but hah! I caught up with some much needed rest heh.

Anyways, lets talk gubahan/hantaran/gift trays or whatever you all call them. How many are you girls planning to give your future hubbys?

I noticed kan, girls usually have to give the guys’ side a few more items. Why ah? I asked my mama why is it like dat and she answered “kita kan girls, so kene kasi lebih…” adoiii what kind of answer is that?

I need explanations on why we have to give a few more items to the guys’ side, please if anyone of you knows the valid explanations,  share with me before I make the decision to equalise both number of gift trays (fair katakan hahahah!)


12 thoughts on “Woes-Gubahan

  1. About tt extra dulangs from girl’s side, am not too sure. But for one thing, mine is 5dulangs for both side. Nak byk2 dulang pn, I won’t know what else to put.. Hehee

  2. the extra dulang is to “compensate” the guy sebab he kan kasi hantaran as part of his dulangs. kita (girls) punya dulangs semua taik hidung punya harga hahahahaha..

    but then, i dont care, im making the same number of dulangs for both sides so that my trays even out in photos! yesssss i’m THAT kind of bridezilla ;p

    1. ohh baru pakcik tahuuuu LOL!! ok no wonder my mum say mana boleh kasi equal -___- i tgh pecah kepala nak kasi dia ape and he doesnt want edible stuff. tak cool he said :S

    2. Me too I told him just settle with 2 dulangs from him and me…I cnt figure out what to buy for him and me…the rest can be the many dulangs of cakes n kuihs…I did have byk argument with him pasal NENEK & MAK kata tak bleh nk kena ada byk dulang…amik ko mkn kuih2 n cakes byk2 nk dulangs sgt kan…hahhh I hope none of his siblings read this…

      1. hahahahah!! da type da comment baru takut eh? da kene try psycho my mum boleh equal2 kan the dulangs tak klau tak pening seh think2 nak kasi ape.

  3. We have the same equal amount of dulangs.. but I bought more items for him (like one dulang ada 2 barang like that) kira to compensate satu bag mahal that he bought for me la gitu.. Urggh! But i feel equal amount of trays lagi better. Just my opinion ….

    1. same same same!! equal and fair kan? padahal the guys yg kluarkan more in terms of hantaran eh but i feel mcm tak balance seh klau gift trays tak equal.

  4. If u dunno wat else to give, maybe u can break up the items…example: if u putting the belt and wallet together as one dulang, maybe now u break it up… Hehehe… Or! Lagi best kalau kasi toiletries, satu dulang shampoo satu dulang sabun!!! Hahha ok joking joking :p

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