Rainbow Theme: Wed Dreams No More

Looks like I have to change my initial plan of having a colourful, rainbow-themed wedding BECAUSE my fiance doesnt want our wedding to look like a kid’s birthday party(!!!) -______-

what is so kiddie about …



i hate it when things like this happen. i did all the planning, the researching, the recce-ing alone and he had to burst my bubble or puncture my (wed)dreams. one of the disadvantages of having a combined wedding. both MUST like then can go ahead, if not its a no go.

back to the drawing board la nampaknye.

now, how can I incorporate all our favourite colours into one theme eh?
me: pink, orange, green
him: black, red, blue

so rojak!

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Theme: Wed Dreams No More

  1. Pink blue & white! That way, you are compromising both of the favourite colours! Hehehe…

    But, really, a rainbow theme would have been a great idea, I was anxious to see how it’ll turn out… But…. 😦 I feel you babe!

  2. That’s the thing about combine weddings kan. :/ I don’t think I can compromise so many things so we both decided to do separate. And, why not you choose one colour and he choose one colour. At least not so rojak? Haha.

    1. I plan i choose ma! If he helps in the planning ok la i will get him to choose one colour. But men being men, they’ll sure push the job to women then ended up byk comments ;( wait he choose dark2 colours i dun like.

    1. MANA BOLEH!!! i yg plan i get to choose la. hahahah!! mana boleh kasi chan ngn dia 😛 neh~ we have yet to discuss our theme colours la after he burst my rainbow bubble.

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