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Happy MOTHER Day!

I know my title sounds and looks odd but that was what the waitress wished my mama after our mother’s day dinner last Saturday -____- so happy sia member “HAPPY MOTHER DAY!” my little brother and I overheard the girl and my brother went “kakkk dia wish Happy Mother Day…” *insert muka boring* hahaha!

Dinner was at C.harisma D’V.enue after squeezing our brains dry thinking of restaurants yang kita belum pernah pegi. Swensens da boring, I just ate at Fish n Co the week before, we had little time for Seoul Garden and Sakura cos my brother had mascot performance at Vivocity and kalau  nak buffet by the time he finish da rushing. So fikir punya fikir punya fikir, I remembered CDV. Hmmm try lo. On Saturday morning, I called and asked whether still able to reserve seats LUCKY boleh. Da abit last minute ma.

As what i know from reading and stalking the WWW, CVD is part wedding venue and part restaurant. part wedding venue for those who wants a small and private ceremony/reception among close ones. First thing first eh, parking was so leceh. I dunno how many times we rounded that area just to find the spot. The lot opp the resto was full so we kena park at the roadside tepi rumah orang. So uncool. This is one point you BTBs have to consider klau nak take CVD as your venue.

When we arrive, there was a solemnization going on. Aiseyman, takkan nak gate crash eh. We were seated outside and nasib got fans knowing the humidity these days. Secondly, the menu has no pictures of the dishes. Ayah asked the waiter and he said menu is still in the works. So kena la imagine ye. Thirdly, I think the girl who took our order was still new because she doesn’t noe the serving sizes and she kept running to the kitchen to ask. Food wise, we were served quite fast not fast not slow in between la. But one of the waiter damn blur lo. Mintak chilli sauce our food dabis pun tak sampai2.

Anyways, the food very nice la, my tiger prawns and butter rice were yummy but I cannot finish(!!!) cos tgh bloating, ayam percik awesome but pedas for me. In short, all the dishes were yummy, no complaints there.

IMG_20130512_203828the dishes we ordered. oh! and we were entitled to 2 Mother’s Day cupcakes cos our bill was above $75. takya beli cake! 😛




4 thoughts on “Happy MOTHER Day!

    1. I get dat alot seh!! Especially the cheeks to chin area kan? Hahaha!! My eyes sometimes follow my dad’s sometimes follow my mum’s. Ikot mood dorg 😛

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