Nutrition Workshop with Suria Mohd


attended the above-mentioned talk at my aunt’s spa just now and i must say that it was very informational.

who is Suria Mohd? actually i have no idea. hahahahah!

Suria Mohamed is an ex-school teacher who quit a cushy stable job to pursue entrepreneurship as a road less traveled. Her journey lead her to now becoming a public speaker on motivation, marketing, nutrition & parenting.

She is Asia’s 1st reality TV nutritionist for celebrities.

Suria was voted TOP 1% of the Most Influential People Online 2010 Contest – Fast Company Magazine, USA.

Source: Suria Mohd

smart ass woman i tell you. you should read up about her. graduated from dunno how many unis. *i feel so dumb*

before the talk, Suria measured out weight and BMI and collated the results for each and everyone of us. and my result?



I.AM.F*CKING.OVERWEIGHT.LA.SIA! (of cos kene cover current weight cos malu seh!)

been months since i stepped on the scale and i almost tipped it. sighhh…

anyways, one of the main topic is the water we drink. tap water that we boil before we drink is not exactly “clean” water you know. she did a demonstration on normal tap water and boiled tap water and i was disgusted with the results. colour mcm air longkang ok? so geli. the correct water we should drink according to her is distilled or purified water. she also shared her Detox program which will guarantee results in 7days. 5kg-10kg off your weight if you strictly follow the program. one of her “recipes” she shared is her flat tummy drink.


miracle water AKA distilled water. it is said to flush out toxins from your body. make this in a 1.5litre water bottle and drink up ladies. OF COS such programs come with a fee la.

4182013213340Suria was nice enuf to break down the amount into categories. the $28K she stated above is the estimated amount you mite have to spend klau go for different programs outside. For her Detox Program set, it costs $750 nett by cash or $188 x 24 months by credit card. on top of that, you will get free stuff (see Bonus Free stated above) wat a bargain rite? she said if tanak sign for the program, can just buy the El Marino drink sachet which she guarantee results after drinking even with your normal diet.


so did i sign up for the program? OF COS NOT la. as much as i want to follow her detox program, i need to save up for my wedding which is just as important as my health and weight. as wat my adik said “exercise is free” so just exercise lo, save money at the same time. heh!

4 thoughts on “Nutrition Workshop with Suria Mohd

  1. Darling, I’m consuming the el Marino drink. I can vouch that it works wonders for my skin. As to whether it helps with my weight loss, I’m not too sure. Hehehe. Cos my exercise regime pun tak consistent. :p but u have more time so jiayou! :))

  2. my jogging shoes dah ternganga, tak tampal2. MALAS. haha actually i overweight also ah.

    how much is the el marino!! heard so many good things about it!

    1. mcm berat (pun intended LOL!) eh nak exercise? -___-
      u see the breakdown that Suria did for me? $700 plus kan. but her plan is u pay for first month u get all 10 boxes strait, after that just keep paying until finish.

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