The Rock

korang ingat Dwayne Johnson kepe? no lah, im talking about …

avril-lavigne-engagement-ringTHIS ROCK LO!
guess who is the lucky lady to have this on her ring finger. its none other than …

avril-lavigne-3-300x400AVRIL LAVIGNE!
boleh tahan jugak si tua Chad Kroeger nye taste ni eh? since he has been with Avril, fuh! his hairstyle is sooo much better. better than …

HAHAHAHA!! stoppit sia Chad! i know this is old news la since they got engaged a few months back but i had the sudden urge to google her diamond ring sekali aah amek kau! 14-Carat diamond and reportedly worth $350K! *MUNTAH!!!*

bbyo, nak boleh?


6 thoughts on “The Rock

      1. mmg shiokla di pandang. haiz, my mata sakit, silau dia kuat HAHAHAHAHA! confirm the finger like carrying weights sia. bende berat dok! 😛

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