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Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

Research suggests that symptoms are recognized most often by the Fiancé (!!!) and Maid of Honor, and are completely undetectable by the actual victim.

10 Tips To Stay Sane

Keep perspective. Remind yourself that the wedding is only one day in your life. When things get out of control, close your eyes and remember the reason why you are planning this wedding in the first place. (one day pun, it’ll be stuck in ur mind (and photos/videos) later and forever))

Don’t assume your groom doesn’t want to help. Ask him what he’d like to take responsibility for and then let him. (Note: Some grooms may follow the cliché and decline this offer.) (how not to assume when he doesn’t ask?)

Know that you can’t control everything. Realize this and accept it! (if only i could, i would)

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. If you act like you can handle everything, people will let you. Spread the duties. (LOL! multi-tasking superwoman in the making)

Don’t sweat the small stuff. People won’t remember whether or not your invitations had those cute little tissues enclosed. (hah! you dunno our makciks2)

Treat the people you cherish with love. The wedding is one day; your family and friends are forever. (may be one day but impressions are imprinted forever)

Allow others to vent. Give your fiancé, family and bridesmaids permission to tell you when you’re going off the deep-end. (d-___-b)

Take the heat. Give yourself permission to hear them. (listening…)

Do something for yourself every day. The catch is that it must not involve the wedding. (wakeup, shower, go work, go home, eat, shower, sleep. wedding-research a little bit in between)

No wedding talk after 10 p.m. (LOL!!! guilty sia!)

Source: Savvy Miss

3 thoughts on “Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

  1. Faham sangat! Frankly to me, its hard to not be a bridezilla when its your very own wedding and you’re pretty much the main person doing all the necessary crucial stuff (sourcing vendors, contacting them, comparing their prices and rates, googling reviews, making the booking, just to name a few). Unless u have a wedding planner or someone else helping u run everything. :S Just remember to pause and breathe in between je la. 😀

    1. Wedding planner mahal seh. Abeh ade hidden cost lagi. Mite as well use the money to plan n execute our wedding properly. But kn, kita yg tanak jadi bridezilla, org2 yg surrounding us yg turn us into bridezillas ;(

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