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Sigh …

besides blog stalkinghopping, i have been doing nothing with regards to my wedding planning. i dunno what to do next or maybe i have no mood at all to plan or research. dun get me wrong, my relationship with Yan is still fine and dandy albeit all the stupid arguments.

this no-mood mood kicked in when i dunno la, when vendors got back to me late, took their time to reply or dun reply at all. if the vendors are taking their time in replying my queries then i dun mind cos i am just asking questions, not confirm whether i will take them or not.

but this one in particular, i already transferred the booking fee which amounted to $100 to her, emailed her AND texted her to which she replied ok she will check but till today NOTHING! i want to nangis can?!

why must these always happen to meee!


11 thoughts on “Sigh …

  1. eeek dont like it when that happens! I rasa u should call her tomorrow coz perhaps over the wkend that vendor had events and no time to check agaknye. Remember, call tau.

    1. da one week! D: i emailed and texted her at the start of last week takkan until now no time to reply. sigh… i dun like calling vendors la, paiseh heh. we shall see la. maybe i text her and her partners (in crime)

      1. oh been a week eh? alah this type of thing, no need to paiseh la coz u da confirmed engaging her service.. not just enquiring survey2. its ur right to know as you hv made the deposit required. agaknye she’s waiting for u to flood her (& those in crime) with smses baru dia check! haha!

      2. Thats the thing. I dowanna be irritating or over the top asik nak contact dia je. She as a service provider shud noe better than to make her clients wait, wat more after paying the deposit. Klau belum bayar lain cerita. Ni da bayar seh.

  2. eee i cant stand vendors like that. if 1-2days thats fine. if dah sampai 1 week, it shows alot abt their professionalism seh. and even if you are just enquiring to ask and tak confirm engaging them, i think vendors should do their best to reply promptly. I lost interest in 2 vendors just cause they made me wait for 2 weeks. even drg mcm powerhouse. annoyinggg seh….

    1. nak jump ship pun think twice cos i da pay booking fee. as of today pun no reply and i emailed them this morning. taik hidung pun takda seh. if booking fee $10 i tak think so much but ni $100 D:

  3. i agree with Ana. Babe, if by friday if that vendor still tak reply, its about time u call. Don’t worry, ur not being irritating or overboard. And don’t be paisey also. 🙂

    1. my money!!!! 😦 yesterday i sent another email and surprise2 no reply. when i was inquiring with them, they were so accommodating seh, back to back reply. then now, zilch. sighhh.

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