Fully Booked!


Its only the middle of 2013 and shes already fully booked for next year? Wow…


6 thoughts on “Fully Booked!

      1. Hahahahah!! I wanna start booking sey! But date semua blm cnfrm lagi! Sighhhh! And my family sume dah mls nk layan my kiasu bride perangai. They think Im being irrational! Haiyyaaa! Lol

      2. kan kan kan!!! HAHAHAHHA!!! u have to tell ur parents that u need to book early2 cos now is zaman kahwin2. anyone and everyone who is our age or older or younger all nak book2 and kahwin2! so not wrong to be kiasu.

      3. Hahahah! That’s my daily mantra! Bngn pagi I’ll sit in front of the comp stalking vendors and btbs 😛 then I’ll hv a panic attack n tell my mom I need to start booking vendors!
        I don’t care lah, once the wedding date is set im gonna start booking! Kalau sape2 tk kasi, I will become a bridezilla, I dont care! Hahahahhah!

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