Wed Dreams


while i was stressing (dalam diam-diam) over the planning and this and that, guess wat Yan is doing …


i noe he has in mind some designs he likes (he like vintage-y ruffly2 kind then pakai coat over like dat (DO NOT ASK ME WHY HE HAS WEIRD TASTE LOL!))but i takleh angkat when he whatapp me this picture.



since im not into the K-Pop i asked him who seh and he happily replied T.O.P FROM BIG BANG!
*good grief, help me…*


so he asked me to whatsapp the pictures to our mak andam to see whether they can provide such suits for him or not. maybe will do it when the time comes la (our wedding in 2014 seh, mcm too early plak kan nanti no replies meraung lagi sorg2) i cannot imagine la he wear puffy2 ruffly suit ni. member is not exactly on the thin side or a abang2 body type so if he were to wear this, npk more puffy later on HAHAHAHAHA! 😛

this will most likely fall under #hisweddreams.


8 thoughts on “Ruffles

    1. oh now that u’ve mentioned it, YAAA!!! hahahahaha!! biar dia baca ur comment so he will wipe off that idea of having ruffles on his shirt hahahahah!!! evil eh.

      nanti bukan dia yg makan, i yg makan atas pelamin rite there and then :9

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